Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pre-Birthday Fun

Each year around Hannah's bday I do two things, get pictures taken of her at the mall and we go to Build-A-Bear.  She gets to pick whatever she wants.  Last year she picked a dog dressed as Rapunzel, this year she picked a pink kitty cat in a sparkly dress. 
Helping fill up her kitty cat.
Rubbing her heart with love all over her face.

Then Hannah and Daddy gave her a bath

and brushed her hair so she was pretty

She was so proud of her new kitty cat!

After Build-A-Bear we headed to the carousel for a ride.

She LOVES the carousel!

So happy!

Then we celebrated with a birthday lunch

We picked up her bday pictures after lunch.  Here are just a few of them, she is just the cutest!

She was in her party outfit here. :)

It was a fun morning gearing up for her birthday festivities the next weekend!

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