Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leah & Haley's Birthday Party

August is "birthday month" for our family.  Tracy, Leah and Hannah all have August birthdays and Haley's bday is at the very end of July so we're busy with birthday fun!  Haley and Leah had the cutest girly birthday party!
Hannah and Pops ready to get their princess on.  :)
This little cottage has been around for a really long time and they know what they're doing!

The girls arrived and got to go to the dressing room where they could each pick out a princess dress to wear for the party.

This girl right here was in princess heaven!
She wanted to pose in front of the beautiful carriage. 
Their sweet tea party set up

Each girl got her finger nails painted

And got glitter on their faces, hair and arms.

Leah loves Hannah  :)

So does Mommy

Pops getting some love from his oldest grand daughter

Cousins!  Haley is so funny

Then all the little girls had a fashion show!  It was adorable.  Hannah went first.

Everyone clapped for her and she was so proud.  Then she struck a pose so they could take a picture for her to take home in the picture frame they'd each make later.

Haley's turn!

The birthday girls and their parents

All the pretty princesses

After the fashion show they each got to decorate their own cupcake

Happy birthday to you!

And then Hannah's favorite part....eating the cupcake

Drinking out of a real tea cup is so much fun

Then they got princess story time!

And decorated the picture frames to go with their fashion show pictures 

Present time!  These people know what they're doing after so many years.  They laid down a feather boa and told all the girls they couldn't go past the boa while Leah and Haley were opening their gifts.  Genius.  No chaos of every little girl trying to open the presents.

It was such a great party!  I really wish they had this place near our house because Hannah would definitely be having her party there next year if they did!
Happy birthday to our sweet nieces!  They are so different and both so funny!  It is so much fun watching them grow up.

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