Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hannah's 3rd Birthday Party

This year for Hannah's birthday party we went a totally different way than the previous years.  For her 1st and 2nd birthdays we had her party at my parents house and then our house.  The parties were so much fun but SO much work for me!!  This year since she's older I decided on a bounce house place to have her party at and it was the way to go!!  I don't know if I'll ever be going back to an at home party again!  Ha.  Everything was so easy and all of the kids had a blast! 
She wanted a princess themed party (of course) with mainly Ariel as the focus.
Hannah and her friends "watching" the rules video before running loose in their own bounce room.

Austin and Rachel

The best family picture we could get.  This girl was too excited to sit still!

Rachel, Dean, Sayge, Brodie and Beckett came to town just to celebrate with the birthday girl

Me and Katie

Lainey and Pops with the bday girl (again, too excited for pictures)

Big kids got to slide too!

Avery and Hannah
Payden and Hannah.  They love Hannah!

Sweaty girl!  She went NON STOP!  This picture cracks me up, it is SO Hannah!

Brodie, Avery, Leah and Hannah taking a quick break from all the craziness

Sliding!  Leah and Hannah

After about an hour and a half of bouncing around like wild monkeys it was time for cake and presents!

Blowing out her candles!  I have no idea why she has a napkin on her head.  Ha.  She's silly.

Ready for some cake!

Present time!  Girl got tons of great presents!

When I see pictures of Hannah opening presents it always makes me laugh because I'm clearly excited about her gifts.  Haha.  Seriously, there are pictures just like this one for every gift opening holiday with Hannah.

Giving Emma some loving


The Townsend side of the fam.  Papa was still out of town for the party so he's not there

Hannah with all her cousins!

Hannah with her buddy Payton

She had the best birthday party! 

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