Friday, February 6, 2015

Mama's New Ride

This was a LONG time coming!!  For 9 years I drove around in my little Honda Accord which I LOVED!  I loved it, it was a great car, it was the first car I ever bought, it was small and had great gas mileage and I don't know, I just loved it.  It was getting old and I didn't even mind one bit.  But it was a 2004 model and this was 2014.  It was time to move on and get a new ride.  We were about to have our last embryo transfer that we just knew was going to work (finally) and we needed a bigger car for our growing family.  And boy, did we get a bigger car!!  The decision was all mine and Austin and I looked at a few different places and it was easy, we both were really leaning towards the Ford Expedition.  And not the regular one either, we wanted the extended length.  It's basically the same size as a Suburban which makes complete sense for someone who is 5' tall to drive around.  ;)
There she is, just waiting on me to come get her!

Happy Kelly

Ready to drive away in my new ride!  When we were looking we knew a few things, we wanted it fully loaded and we (this is actually Austin's thing) never wanted to say we wish we went bigger.  So, I can promise you, we've NEVER said that.  Haha.  Austin drives a Ford F-150 which I would drive every now and then so I was used to the size but I hated driving his truck.  I was too short and couldn't gauge my distance with the bed of the truck.  With my car you don't have to because of the back up mirrors so SCORE! 

Saying bye to my trusty old Accord.  You were a good car but you are not missed.  Well, except the gas mileage part....

Now I officially have a "Mom car" :)
By the way, if there was a picture of two people who hate car shopping it would have our faces on it.  I will be driving my Expedition until it's making noises or Austin feels like just randomly buying a new car on his own because it's right up there with going to the dentist and getting a root canal for me.  Maybe worse.  Ha.

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