Friday, February 6, 2015

Mo Co Cookoff

Every April is the Montgomery County Cook off that Austin and his cook team participate in.  It's just a county fair kind of cook off that is fun and casual and dusty.  The guys work hard and have a great time and we get to enjoy yummy BBQ and the kids run around like wild little animals and have a blast!
Caroline and Hannah were hard at work on shelling peanuts.  It's serious business.
While Austin was busy getting the dinner ready Lainey, Pops and I took Hannah to the carnival for the first time!  Her first carousel ride!  She LOVED it!!  So much that we ended up back there about an hour later for another ride.

The joy!  It makes my heart happy.

She was nice enough to let me ride with her. :)
After the carousel we rode another ride!  No fear with anything, this little one.  She was so happy!

Every single time we saw Lainey and Pops she got excited and waved.
So much fun!

Two happy girls!

We then went on a train ride
Again, happy.  That was the theme of the day!  That is one thing that I absolutely LOVE about our girl, she gets SO excited about even the smallest things.  Everything is just so fun for her and she gets super excited so easily.  It is just precious.  I hope she's always this excited about even the little things.

Pops and Hannah showed us how to play and win at carnival games.

Then we headed back to the tent for more peanuts and BBQ!

And more fun with Mr. Casey.  He's the tickle monster.

What did you get into there Hannah??  Who knows.  She truly enjoyed herself!  Haha.

After dinner we headed to the main fairgrounds area to hear the awards given out for best BBQ.  Daddy encouraged lots of climbing and even more dirtiness.  Hannah was a happy girl.

Time to head home!

As always, it was a great day spent at cook off! 

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