Friday, February 6, 2015

Townsend Party Time

In May almost all of the Townsend family got together to celebrate Grandma's birthday and Claire & Amanda's college graduations.  We met at the perfect place, Rachel and Dean's house!  Their house is so much fun, it's right on the river and the yard is massive so even with our huge family you don't feel crowded at all. 
Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to the party.  Poor Hannah had been bit by ANOTHER mosquito on her eyelid so she had a pretty swollen eye that weekend.
Road trip!

We got there a few hours later and it was straight to the water!  I think she was happy to see her Papa.

Libby, Hannah and Gracie, ready to go on a boat ride

Cutie cousins.  Fun fact, Libby and Hannah's bdays are one day short of a year apart.  Hannah's is 8/11/11 and Libby's is 8/12/10.  Another random comment to that, Leah's bday is 8/13/09. 

Ready to ride!

Super cool

No hands!

Mommy and Hannah

Elizabeth, Rach, Austin and me.  After taking the girls on a boat ride we dropped them back off with the grandparents and took a little booze cruise down the river. 

David and Dean getting cozy together

Me and Elizabeth

The girls just hanging out on the floating picnic table.

Aubrey and Hannah hanging out.  There is no shortage of girls their age on the Townsend side of the family!

Such a cutie

All of the grand/great grandkids who were there with Grandma

Grandma with some of her great grand daughters

Someone was tired from all the partying

The next morning she was ready to go again!

Papa entertaining the girls before we all left to go back home.

Best family pic I could get

CiCi, Papa and the three girls

Austin, CiCi and the munchkin

Kisses from CiCi

Just hanging out with one of her favorites

LOVE this girl!

Headed back home!

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