Thursday, February 12, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Hannah was so excited to have Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bryan come visit for Labor Day!
Picnic time!

Reading the princess book they brought her.  She still reads that book every single night!

Emma came over to play too!

Rowdy girls

On Sunday we went to lunch and did some shopping.  While Jackie and I were walking back from a store we could literally hear Hannah screaming and laughing before we could even see her, Austin and Bryan.  It wasn't hard to find them! 

She was drenched and having the best time!

Haha!  Time to run into another store for some clothes for Hannah!

She looked super cute in her new outfit. :)

That afternoon we headed to our neighborhood Labor Day party.  More water play and more fun!

Then back to the house to swing with Uncle Bryan


Someone was getting sleepy

Monday morning they left (sad) but not before Hannah played dress up with Aunt Jackie

We love when they come to visit!

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