Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vacation Time

In July we took our first ever family summer vacation!  We spent four nights in Galveston at a friend of Tracy and Ryan's parents condo.  It was so much fun!  We had an unseasonably mild summer last year where we barely reached 100 degrees so it was great!  The only downfall was that it rained some while we were there but that actually turned out for the better because it stayed cool (minus the ridiculous amounts of seaweed that the rain brought onto the beach).  Austin, Hannah and I got to Galveston about an hour before Tracy, Ryan and the girls so we stopped on The Strand for lunch and some shopping. 
Hannah was very interested in this little boy.  Ha.
She was also very interested in carrying around the huge umbrella.

Once they got into town we headed to the condo.  The girls were so excited to get our vacation started!

We just hung around the pool the first day and made dinner in.  Lots of fresh seafood all week!  We'd just drive a few minutes away to the fish market and get our dinner for the night. 
Hannah of course woke up bright and early the first day so we explored the beach for a little while.  Here was the view of our condo.  We're in one of those spots on the right.  The complex was SO nice!

First time on the beach (still in her jammies)!!  I think she loved it.  :)

View of part of the pool and the ocean.

The view from our room.  Not too bad!

Once everyone got up this girl was ready to hit the ocean!
Daddy trying to get our stuff down to the beach.  We had a TON of stuff between the seven of us!

Sand time!

Touching the ocean water for the first time!

Yeah....she loved it! 

Hi Mommy!
Building a sand castle

Haley and Hannah had so much fun doing this!

Girls make hearts around their sand castles.  :)

Then they destroy them.  Ha.


Each girl got a kite and had fun watching the Dads fly them.  Leah even could fly her own!

That night we walked down the beach to this really cute restaurant right off the beach.  We took some pictures before our walk.  It was super windy!

Daddy and his girl

The Josefovsky crew

Cutest girls in all of Galveston

So much happiness!

And silliness of course.  There's never a shortage of silliness with these three!

The silliness continued at the restaurant

Austin and I ordered what was called a "deconstructed salad" before our meal.  This is how it came out!  They gave us two bowls, a chopping knife and a cutting board.  It was delicious and so fresh!  And a TON of salad!

I took this picture the next morning before Hannah woke up.  Sometimes she still sleeps like a little baby. :)

Our view that morning.  This was before the rain came in.  This day we headed to The Strand for shopping and lunch since it was a rainy day.

The three munchkins ready to shop!

Or act like little lunatics.  ;)

Silly Hannah

Hannah and her Daddy

She wanted to pose with the pirate.  And look like the pirate.

We took the girls to an old fashioned candy store that Tracy and I have been going to since we were little bitty.  It looks the same as it did probably 50 years ago.  Everyone had to get ice cream!

Someone REALLY enjoyed her ice cream!

The girls took photo booth pics.

Then that afternoon after we got back they played a little game of foosball in the game room.

The next day was another beach day!  Sweet cousins

Haley makes me laugh.  A lot.

Hannah and Mommy

Townsend crew

More sand castles to build!

Tracy and I enjoying the 80 degree weather!

The girls all tried boogie boarding that day.  It was funny.  There was lots of squealing.

Cuddled up with our little ones after having a picnic lunch.

What the humidity/wind does to my hair.  Curls like crazy.  I look like an insane person.

We spent a lot of time at the pool, it was so nice!  They had a few pools which was awesome.
Fovsky family pile!

The weather was beautiful!

Crazy littles taking a snack break

The last day Tracy and I took the girls to the pool in the morning while the boys met Pops to go fishing on a boat.

That afternoon we all loaded back in the cars and headed home.  This girl didn't make it 20 minutes before passing out!  That's a sign of a good vacation!

We had so much fun and hope to be able to do it again this summer! 

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