Friday, February 6, 2015

Arboretum Fun

Before the summer came and it got too hot to go outside for more than 10 minutes we wanted to take Hannah to the arboretum near our house to run around on a Sunday.  Austin had surprisingly never been which is odd because it's right up his alley, I however grew up going there more times than I can count.  It's much smaller than I remembered, that's for sure.  It's still a large place but I remember feeling like I was lost in the woods there and now I can navigate my way around easily.
But to this girl, I'm sure it was huge!
Checking out the fishies

Pretty flowers everywhere

Taking a break with Daddy.  Yes, those are massive mosquito bites on her face.  Poor kid.

Posing again for Mommy to take yet another picture

Any time she saw stairs, she was off!

Finding bugs is the best part!

Until you see turtles of course!  This pond was FULL of turtles!  I was a little worried she was just going to jump in with them because she was so interested. 

Luckily that did not happen, especially since they're all snapping turtles.

Bamboo!  She looks so little here.

You can't go to the arboretum and not chase squirrels!

It was a great morning and we'll be back for sure this Spring!

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