Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hannah & Emma's 1st road trip

We should start this by saying this was the 1st of what I'm sure will be MANY road trips for these two girls together!  Katie and I have clocked in countless hours in the car together between basically as soon as we met in college that first year and now and I'm sure these two will be the same!  Last March we loaded up Katie's car and headed up to Dallas for a very special weekend to celebrate another of our college friend, Megan's baby shower!
This was Hannah and my stuff.  This is how you pack when you're going to stay at Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bryan's house who have no toddlers in their house.  You bring necessities and fun stuff to keep the kiddos entertained. 
The girls are ready for their first road trip together!

About an hour into the trip we stopped at none other than Bucee's for a potty/lunch break.  It took us 30 minutes to get in and out of that store with these girls!  Ha.  They were happy with their lunch though when we got back in the car.

This was Emma later in the trip.

And this was Hannah.  No nap for this girl!

We got to the house and Hannah was super excited about her new Sofia jewelry. :)

That night Beth, Daniel, Avery and Payden came over to play! The kids had so much fun together, I wish we saw them more!

Saturday morning we took a walk with J&B to their pond down the street and Hannah got to feed the ducks!

That afternoon we got dressed and headed to the shower!  We sent Daddy this picture so he didn't miss us too much. :)

Hannah enjoying the props at baby Wrenly's shower.

On Sunday morning we took some selfies while we waited on Katie and Emma to pick us up.  I didn't realize it until we got dressed but Hannah and I dressed alike!  Haha!

Silly Hannah.  Love her!

The girls did great on the way home too!  They love taking girls trips!  From now on they'll probably just have to settle with their little brothers crashing them for a while.  ;) 

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