Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Townsend Edition

Ok, so maybe it's not "extreme" but I think it's a pretty good makeover!!  This is what my past post was about.  Austin and I FINALLY got new bedroom furniture and a KING size bed!!  It's our 1st big furniture purchase since we got married.  This bedroom really needed the makeover, my parents bought me that furniture when I was in middle school!  LOOOONG time ago.  Anyways, here are the before and after pics!

Old school room

Brody wanted in the picture.  :)  You will never guess what those circles are above the bed.....  Ceiling medallions!  You know, those things that fancy people have surrounding their ceiling fans.  Well, we're not fancy so we just hung them on the wall!  ;) 

New room!

Sweet TV

New TV!  I know Oprah says not to have a TV in your bedroom but that's just crazy talk!

Looking out of the room

Much better now!

All of this furniture is now in one of our guest rooms

I painted the "accent" wall all by myself while Austin was in Utah!  It's not that different from the regular color but you can definitely tell the difference in person. 

Our BIG bed!  Brody can't get up on it by himself now.  :(

Oh, in that "Coming Soon" post one of the hints was a drum.  Here's the drum.  It held our old TV after we got the new furniture but before we got the new TV.  I just wanted to throw you off on what I was up to.  ;) 

Hey there Ann Curry!

 I have NO idea why Austin owns that drum but it came in handy this past week.  We aren't completely done yet, we still have a shelf to hang under the TV for our cable box but that's pretty much it!


Tracy said...

Kel it looks AWESOME! I love it!!!! :) GREAT job!

~Tracy & Leah

Steve-n-Angela said...

Ya'll did a great job!! Doesn't a KING make all the difference in the world!!

Stephanie said...

Did I know that you guys had a blog!!?! Hmmmm.....anyway, your bedroom looks amazing! Love the new bedding. : )