Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leah's 1st day of work!

Today Tracy and Leah came to visit me at work!  Well, the real reason was that today Halliburton employee's got flu shots for free so that's why Tracy was here but whatever, they came to visit!  I put Leah straight to work at my cube.  She liked it about as much as I do! ;)

After Leah was done working the room we went to lunch and when her Mommy went inside to get her flu shot Aunt Kelly stepped in to feed her (in the car).  She didn't appreciate it at the restaurant that we were eating in front of her and didn't offer her anything.

Leah, I know I'm not your mommy but you at least don't have to look sick about it!  Food is food!

Thanks Tracy & Leah for coming to visit and making my day better!
Sorry for the low quality pics, I took them with my iPhone.
UPDATE** I just found SOMEONE'S dirty diaper on my desk....  Hmmm... Wonder who left that there?!?! 

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