Friday, October 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Halloween Costumes

It's another Friday at Kelly's Korner and this weeks theme is Halloween costumes.  I don't usually dress up for Halloween but oddly we dress up for every other occasion there is!  But this year we are dressing up for a party tonight so here's a sneak peak at part of my costume!  My father-in-law is wearing my wig (before I trimmed it up a bit).  Any guesses to what I'm dressing as??

Here are a few pics from some of our costume changes!  Back in our "dating days" we started going to Wurstfest (German sausage festival in New Braunfels) and we all dress up in traditional German attire!  It makes it SO much fun and we aren't the only people dressed like this, I swear! 

Austin is wearing his Lederhosen and I'm wearing a Dirndl dress.  We found both of these online.

For NYE a few years ago we went to a costume party were everyone wore "old" clothes.  We went shopping in a thrift store near Mexico and got these outfits!  We rocked it  :)

I looked like Joan Collins in Dynasty

And then finally here is last NYE, it was an 80's themed party!  Brody is wearing a "I still live with my parents" t-shirt and check out my "BOOK IT!!" button! 

Katie & I rockin' the 80's!  Outfits complete with crimped hair and glitter nail polish!  FYI: Glitter nail polish takes FOREVER to get off!!!

Brody was really pleased with me when I dressed him up as a pumpkin...  Sorry buddy, but that's what you get for being a cute tiny dog!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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