Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hannah's Surgery

Back in March we had a big day, Hannah had her tonsils and adenoids removed!  She's had 18 ear infections total (yep, EIGHTEEN!!) even after getting tubes in when she was 11 months old.  Her tubes fell out about six months ago and she just can't catch a break so we headed back to the ENT and he suggested instead of getting a second set of tubes and adenoids removed to get her tonsils out as well.  So, with no tonsils or adenoids, we're hoping she stays healthy!  Mommy was a HUGE bundle of nerves!  I wasn't looking forward to her going under anesthesia AT ALL.

This little guy was super nervous as well.  ;)  Lainey met us at the surgical center to watch Graham while Austin and I tended to Hannah and it was the best thing ever.  

All ready for her surgery!  I started crying before I even got her dressed.  I literally said to myself "get it together, you're going to scare your child".  

She wasn't scared one bit!

Typical Hannah.  She is just so funny, her Dr came by to talk before the surgery and when he walked away she said "Mommy, he's a good doctor".  Haha, yes Hannah, he is.

Here they were wheeling her back to the operating room.  I was a little upset because I thought I'd get to stay with her until she got the laughing gas but nope, they took her back wide awake.  She wasn't scared at all though!  She is SO brave!!  As soon as she was gone I lost it.  I just hated thinking of her laying on the operating table under anesthesia.

Her surgery lasted about 45 minutes and we just hung out in the waiting room with Graham, Lainey and Pops.  She did great!  Once they had her in recovery Austin and I went back and it was just awful.  She was SO upset!  She could not be calmed down and she was in a lot of pain.  She only wanted me but since I had my c-section just a month earlier I couldn't let her on my lap.  It was heartbreaking.  She laid on Daddy and they eventually gave her some more pain meds to help.

Hannah on pain meds.  Ha.  She slept for about an hour.

Once she woke up she was MUCH better than before!  Poor baby just sitting there out of it getting her IV removed.

She wasn't a fan.

Going home!

She was so funny on the way home.  

Our first stop before getting home was for a milk shake!

Trying to smile for Mommy

For the next two weeks she ate pudding, ice cream, jello, etc.  She lost 3 lbs!  

Poor baby, even pudding didn't make her happy after surgery.

Our no-napper sure did take one that day!

The next day she said she was "a little bit tired" so she took a nap.  Graham was a little bit tired too so they were both sleeping the same way at the same time.  I love my babies!  :)

She got lots of goodies!  Lainey and Pops brought her a bunch of fun stuff, Mallory and Hoyt sent her flowers and a stuffed animal and Aunt Tracy, Uncle Ryan, Haley and Leah sent her more goodies!

A few days later we had to get her out of the house to cheer her up.  She was just so down, it was really sad.  She cheered up on the carousel!

Trying her first dip-n-dots!

Round 2 on the carousel!  Seeing her smile was amazing.

She even got a trip to the Disney store where she could pick out one thing, whatever she wanted!

Giving Winnie the Pooh some lovin'

We also introduced her to the mall pet store.  She now wants a bird.  She's not getting one.  ;)  I told her you can only have one pet at a time and Brody is ours.  About a week later she said I'm getting a pet bird one day, you told me at the mall I could.  Girl remembers EVERYTHING!!

It was a tough two weeks but she did amazing!  Every day she felt a little bit better and she never once complained about not getting to eat "hard food".  She knew she could only have soft food and was totally ok with that.  I was super impressed since she's only 3 that she didn't throw any fits about food or anything.  Now we just hope she stays healthy and NEVER has another ear infection again!!

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Stephanie said...

Poor sweet girl! I would be a bundle of nerves too. I really hope this helps - I can't imagine that many ear infections!