Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas day my mom picked us up from the airport and we headed over to Lainey & Pops house to celebrate with my side of the family.  It was a great day filled with a little bit of drama.

The girls got SO many presents this year!  This was the "before" pic.  I didn't get an "after" pic but it basically looked like a wrapping paper factory exploded in the living room. 

Haley and Hannah hanging out waiting to unwrap some presents.  Haley looks excited, Hannah looks terrified.  Ha!

Haley telling Hannah a secret

It must have been a good secret  ;)

Sweet sisters

Cousins!  I wonder how many years it will be until we get all three looking in the same direction and smiling all at the same time.

Pretty girls

Two out of three looking at the camera, not bad!

The first present that Hannah opened was my favorite of all our gifts!  Aunt Tracy made the most special book for Hannah about the story of how she came to be.  As soon as we opened the book I shut it and said I'd have to read it later because I knew I was going to cry.  Everyone made me read it anyways and sure enough, I cried.  It was just so sweet and such a special keepsake and I can't wait until she's old enough to understand it all.  This little girl is SO LOVED and I hope she always feels that way!

Note to all present givers of Leah: the bubble wrap is gift enough.  You can just put a bow on it and she's good to go.  Ha!  I had to distract her and throw it away when she wasn't looking so she would be interested in all the other 50 presents she still had to open.

Playing on the Sit-N-Spin we got her.  Can you believe they still have these things?!  So much fun!

Right about that time was when the drama happened.  We were in the middle of opening all the gifts when my Mom asked where Minnie (Tracy & Ryan's dog) was.  No one knew because so much was going on that the dogs weren't getting much attention.  My Dad looked outside and said "she's in the pool!".  Ryan and my Dad ran outside and got poor, soaking wet, nearly drowned Minnie out of the cold water.  It. Was. STRESSFUL!!  Thank the Lord that she was ok after getting dried off, getting a good long blow dry and being spoiled the rest of the day.  Poor Minnie, we have no idea how long she was in the pool but just her little nose and mouth were floating above water when they got her.  She was SO cold too but thankfully she didn't experience shock and she's back to her crazy, barking self again.  If Christmas was a Friends episode it would have been titled "The One When The Dog Almost Ruined Christmas".  Ha. ;)  Just kidding but we are SO happy she's ok!

After everything settled down from the drama and we got all the Christmas presents put away into HUGE piles we enjoyed an awesome Christmas day lunch my Dad made.  Beef Wellington and all kinds of yummy sides to go along with it. 

Haley has suddenly decided that she's scared of Pops for some reason.  Only sometimes, other times she loves him.  Her teacher thinks it's because he wears glasses because she's noticed her being a little confused by glasses lately.  Who knows.  It makes us laugh though for a few seconds before we grab her and she's fine again. 

See, all better!  Pops and his mini-me

And then it starts all over again with Uncle Jeff...  Silly girl.

Hannah loving on Pops

Mommy and my sweet girl

Lainey, Pops, Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff

Leah reading Hannah's book from Aunt Tracy and Uncle Ryan

Lainey with all her girls...looking in three different directions of course

Brody and Gabby were exhausted from a long day of worrying about their pal Minnie

Hannah was exhausted from a long day of opening presents  :)

I think our baby girl had the best 1st Christmas we could have asked for!  She got to spend time with all of the Townsends and about half of the Autrey family and got lots of lovin' from everyone!  She is the greatest gift we could have asked for!

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Stephanie said...

She looks so pretty all dressed up in her Christmas outfit! How wonderful that you have three girls in the family that all get to grow up together. So glad the dog is OK - I bet that was really scary!