Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hannah and Her Many Christmas Outfits

For Hannah's 1st Christmas her wardrobe did not disappoint!  Between me buying her a few special outfits and other family and friends getting her an outfit here and there she was set for the 12 days of Christmas! 

Hannah's traveling attire.  The bottom has ruffles on it that match the top.  So cute!

I love this onesie, I had it made for her back in October with her name on it

This onesie says it all "Mommy's Favorite Gift"

Aunt Beth made this adorable Christmas tree onesie for Hannah.  She LOVED all the ribbons and tried to get each one in her mouth.  She may not look too happy in the picture but I promise she loved it. 

Looking precious in her Christmas Eve sparkly dress, white tights and black patent leather shoes

Sporting her jumper with the "h" on the front.  She LOVED the ribbons on the shoulders of that outfit too.  It was quite the challenge for me to keep them out of her mouth when she'd wear it.  She looked so cute that it was worth the effort.  :)

Ready to get on the plane Christmas morning with her "My 1st Christmas" onesie

My favorite, her Christmas day dress.  She looked like a little doll in this one.  LOVE!

Such a styling Christmas baby :)

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etphonehome21 said...

Seriously she had the CUTEST outfits!!!