Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music To My Ears

Our little munchkin is quite the musician!  She loves to play on her piano, sing a little tune in her microphone and put the beat down on some drums.  Maybe she'll be the 2030 American Idol and Momma can retire.  ;)

This face cracks me up!  I have no idea what she's doing here but it's too funny not to share. 

 Check out those cheeks!  Someone doesn't miss a meal in our house....

What's up Mommy? 

Daddy, please be quiet.  I'm laying down some tracks here.  If you must talk, please leave my playroom. 

Ok, now back to business. 

Hannah LOVES her music station!  She really does sing into the microphone.  Sing/slobber on it which happens to make noise, whatever you want to call it.  ;)


Stephanie said...

LOL your picture captions are hilarious! I love it! What a doll! Can you believe our girls are almost 6 months old??

kkasun said...

Too cute! Babies look so grown up when they are sitting on their own!!!!