Friday, February 17, 2012

Phone Photos

Ok, just like everyone else, I've realized how much easier it is to just take a picture of my sweet baby with my phone instead of the camera.  That being said....I have over 600 pics/videos on my cell phone right now.  One thing that bugs me about my cell phone is that when I'm at my house the pics come out yellowish if I don't use the flash.  You'll notice that with several of these pics and we in fact, do not have yellow carpet, walls, etc.

My little cutie!

A few weeks ago I was driving through the neighborhood on my way home and six deer ran out in front of me!  I took this picture when I was at a stop in the road.  See them in front of the garage?  Ca-RAZY!

My little bug sleeping in my arms after school.  Check out that lip sticking out!

Happy girl playing in her room.  B is, as always, not far behind her.

I brought a new picture of Hannah for work and look how much she's changed since 6 weeks old!  She looks like a different baby to me!

I was at work and walked past the bathroom mirror and noticed something funny.  I lifted my arm and saw this HUGE hole on the seam of my shirt!  I had only worn it 1-2 times.  Off to the dry cleaner it went to get stitched up.  Nice.

Check out those CHEEKS!! 

Happy girl

Striking a pose

We wanted to go on a walk and thought she would be able to ride in her big girl stroller.  I think in another month she will fit great.

Hanging out in Daddy's hat

Hannah still sleeps great swaddled but every now and then the girl can bust out of that swaddler like no other.  She got out of her swaddle AND turned over this time!

Taking an afternoon nap on Mommy after school

Passed out again.  A lot of the pictures are after nursing I've noticed.  She just looks so cute!

In the afternoons when I get home there is a lot to do to get ready for the next day.  I usually spend time with Hannah and then I'll go into the kitchen and wash all the stuff for the next day while she plays with her piano, bounces, etc.

About five mins after the above picture I looked at her and saw this.  She was just happily playing away with her piano but laying down with it on top of her!  She didn't even care that she wasn't sitting up anymore. 

Our friends had their baby girl Mollie last week and Hannah loved seeing the picture of the baby on the phone.

My good ol' trusty entertainment standby appears to be useless to me now.  When I get ready in the bathroom if she doesn't want to swing or bounce I bring her in there with me and she just hangs out.  NOW she wants to sit UP!  Such a big girl.

Getting a breathing treatment  :(

Last weekend Haley and Leah stayed with Lainey and Pops while their parents were out of town.  Austin was out of town too so Hannah and I went over there a few times.  Sweet Haley watching Mickey while I tried to feed her a bottle.

Another instance of Hannah playing on the piano and when I look over a few mins later she's in an interesting position!

This is just sweet.  Haley was bouncing at Lainey and Pops' house and Leah went over to talk to little sister.

Leah told me she wanted to wear five bows in her hair.  Lainey only had four so I put them in Leah's hair and we went into the bathroom to admire her new do.  Here she is informing me that I put one of the bows in the wrong place.

All better!

Hannah and Haley playing together.  Fingers went into eyes, mouths, etc.  Neither one of them seemed to mind it either which is funny. 

I was getting ready one morning and Hannah was just hanging out with me.  Until she just wasn't anymore.  She decided she wanted OUT and just flung herself forward and was just hanging out like this.  Ha.  Silly girl.

Apparently she gets very relaxed when having a bottle...

Singing Mommy a song

OMG, look who it is!!!  B actually made it onto my phone!  ;)

Hannah Skyping with Daddy while he was out of town.  He got to watch Hannah eat her dinner this time.  :)

Happy girl about to get her bath!  She's just really excited because she scooted across the bed to the remote, her latest obsession.

Seriously, what did we do before camera phones??  :)

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