Friday, February 28, 2014

Townsend2014 Month 2

Here are the #townsend2014 pics for February!  

Day 32: She's pretty excited about her cookie at 9am!

Day 33: Hanging out during the game!

Day 34: Gymnastics makes Mommy laugh.

Day 35: Sweet BFFs reunited!

Day 36: What??  You don't have a mailbox key and a broken Rapunzel foot in your car door??  That's weird.

Day 37: Finally a good report today! 

Day 38: Dress up with my pretty princess!

Day 39: First trip to the library!

Day 40: Painting a masterpiece!

Day 41: Just a little pre-stretch stretching before gymnastics class.

Day 42: This girl is 2 1/2 today!!

Day 43: Valentines are made and in the mail!

Day 44: I've got socks on my ears Mommy!

Day 45: Happy Valentines Day!

Day 46: Zoo day!!  So much fun!

Day 47: Playing outside with my sweetie!

Day 48: So ready for her favorite night of the week!!

Day 49: This girl keeps life interesting!  Especially dinner time.

Day 50: Watching Sofia with my favorite girl.

Day 51: Not sure what this is about but she's so cute!

Day 52: My silly dinner dates!

Day 53: 7:30am tea parties with my sweet girl.

Day 54: Putting the family to work while I take the picture!

Day 55: Papa's here!  Surprise!

Day 56: Snuggling with my favorite girl before Mommy goes out of town tomorrow!

Day 57: Happy 2nd birthday Mallory!!!

Day 58: Back at home!!

Day 59: Go Texan Day!

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