Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christmas Day

It happened.  Finally.  I am blogging about the rest of 2013!  Can you believe it?!  I've been so behind on blogging that I don't even want to get started because it takes so much work but I don't want to miss anything so I'm getting there.  

Christmas morning was different this year, actually all of Christmas day was different this year.  Mark and Cindy stayed Christmas Eve with us so this was the first year we weren't home alone on Christmas morning (nothing is better to Hannah than having Papa to play with all her new toys!).  Then we spent the entire day at our house which is another first because usually we go to my parents house but since we already did our Christmas over there a few days earlier with Tracy, Ryan and the girls they came to our house since it was just us.  It was a quiet day but nice to spend with family.  Next year we're going back to the normal routine though with kids everywhere making noise at the grandparents house!

Christmas morning we were all up waiting on our little sleeping beauty to wake up and see what Santa brought her!

He even left her a note on her board!  He's talented like that.  ;)

Good morning sunshine!

What's that?  What's that?  She made sure she pointed out everything.

Then she saw her dollhouse!

Big girl Sofia undies!  Little did we know she would not be using these for a long time.  As in just now.

Checking out more stuff!  Santa was good to Hannah.

Reading the note the big guy left her

Then we got to open presents from Mommy and Daddy!  She helped everyone open their presents.

Our little helper

Cuteness overload!

Our Christmas tree all sad without much under it anymore.  

After opening presents we all got dressed and Lainey and Pops came over for Christmas lunch.  It was SO yummy!!

Lainey and Pops (the only picture I got of anyone else on Christmas day.  Oops!)

That evening Papa, Austin and I took Hannah around the neighborhood to look at all the lights.  She had so much fun!

Even B got to come along for the ride!

After checking out lights we all got in our jammies and watched Christmas Vacation (which is totally appropriate for a 2 year old...  haha)

The next morning CiCi and Papa left early and Hannah and I took Daddy to see Frozen with us since he missed it the first time!  We decided he needed to know how important it is.

After the movie we did some shopping/exchanging and had lunch, it was a great day after Christmas!

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Sara @ Making Memories of Us said...

Even if it feels late, I'm sure you will glad to have blogged about the holidays. Such great memories! I downloaded blogger on my phone and that had helped me some. I get the same feeling about sometimes blogging seems like so much work. Having it on my phone has helped because I can write a quick post while I'm laying in bed using my phone.