Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Little Mary Lou I old for referencing Mary Lou Retton??  Well, if you don't know who that is, then you probably are reading the wrong blog because she was awesome and my sister and I pretended to be her when we would play on the swing set in the backyard growing up so Hannah will know who she is too. :)

Anyways, back in January I signed Hannah up for gymnastics classes because I just thought it would be something fun for her to do.  She LOVES it!!!  I'm not sure who is having more fun, her or us because it's so much fun watching her!  We laugh a LOT.  She goes once a week for 45 mins which seems to be the perfect amount of time for her age.  The classes go by so quickly and she's entertained the entire time.  There are only five kids in her class with 2-3 coaches depending on the day so they get lots of one-on-one attention.

Here we were signing Hannah up for class.  She was so excited to see the big gym!  

That weekend we went leotard shopping.  She was so stinking cute!  I asked if she wanted a leotard and she said "Mommy, I don't want a Leah-tard, I want a Haley-tard!"  Haha.  Always thinking about her cousins.  (Side note - Austin told me he often asks her what she's thankful for and her first things are ALWAYS Leah and Haley.  So sweet!  I asked if she always says Mommy and Daddy too and he said no.  Haha!  Well, ok then.)

Checking herself out.  

Does this look good Mommy??  Yeah, ok, we can get it.

She ended up picking out the pink leotard.  Look at that belly!  Love it.  She's SO proud here waiting to start her first class.

Can you tell she's excited??

Stretching like a big girl!

All the little two year olds waiting patiently for their turn on the trampoline.  All of these pictures are taken from a distance divided by glass so they aren't great.

Walking on the balance beam for the first time!  That's her favorite activity and she's great at it!

Just hanging around

Doing something.  Not sure what this is called.  Walking on bars?

She was just swinging here

Posing all in her own world

She LOVES doing rolls and she's gotten pretty good. 

HILARIOUS!!  That one didn't go exactly how she planned I'm guessing.

Our kid is not lacking in personality.  At all.  Here she was doing a little happy dance.

She wanted to do a little pre-stretch stretching before class started one day.

Hey Hannah, smile for Mommy!  I got this.  A lion roaring.  Ha.  Again, full of personality!

Doing some more flips!

I'm so happy we signed her up for this and we'll definitely keep it going until she doesn't want to go anymore.  She just has a blast and is learning about following instructions, coordination, etc.  Now when you ask Hannah anytime about gymnastics class she automatically starts doing flips/rolls.  She's a trip.  

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Lainey and pops can't to see her in action some Monday night!