Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Valentine's Day

Every holiday is an event around our house, we craft and get presents, it's just lots of fun!

This year we made a few hand print crafts.  I LOVE this sign we made for the living room!  I'll bring it out every year for Valentine's Day.

We also made these cards for the grandparents and mailed them to Lainey & Pops and CiCi & Papa.  Hannah painted her hand prints herself!

We also made Daddy a card which is more like a small poster....

Hannah was dressed and ready for the big day!  

Hannah was having a fun party at her school that day!  There were several of the parents there to celebrate with our favorite Valentines. 

Hannah and her buddy Payton.  They are so cute together!

Excited about her party food!

But SUPER excited about her cupcake.  As always.

That night we went out to dinner with our BFFs, Katie, Lunchbox and Emma, it was one big Valentine's Day date.  This was Hannah's kids meal.  For one child.  Who is two.  So much food!  She inhaled the edamame as usual.  

And just for comparison (or to make me want to cry) this was Hannah two years ago on Valentine's Day.  So little!


Anonymous said...

Love the current pics with the old.

Stephanie said...

Very cute craft projects!