Thursday, March 20, 2014

Girls Weekend

Back in January Austin and Pops went on a hunting trip so Hannah and I were on our own.  We stayed busy!  Friday night we went shopping and met Lainey for dinner.  

Hannah drew a masterpiece

She was so proud 

So we said "cheers!"  Haha.

The next morning we got up and drove to Aunt Tracy's side of town to spend the day/night with Haley and Leah.  And Aunt Tracy and Uncle Ryan of course.

Tracy and I took the girls to a paint your own pottery place where they each got to pick out whatever they wanted to paint.  Hannah just HAD to have the princess piggy bank.  I tried to talk her into something a little more simple to paint but that's what she wanted.  It was funny, the helper there was telling us the technique to paint the pottery and we just smiled and said ok, thanks because Haley and Hannah were not going to do a single thing she said.  We were right.  ;)

All three girls were concentrating so hard on their pottery.

Leah also wanted to paint a princess and Haley painted a horse

Working hard!

 I didn't notice it until now but Haley and Hannah both paint the same way with their left arms out.

She didn't follow the helpers instructions.  ;)

Leah looks like such a big girl now!  I asked them all to smile.  I kind of got a smile from Leah....

This girl.....she is just funny.

This was the best I could get from Hannah.  Silly.

Hannah's princess!  It's now glazed and sitting on her bookshelf collecting all the "coins" as she calls them, she can find.

Happy girl!

Silly girl.

Lunch with two adults and three little girls is loud.  And eventful.  And a lot of other things for sure....

After playing all afternoon we went out to dinner.  No more pictures Mommy!

The next morning I found Hannah walking around in Haley's Cinderella shoes.  She thinks she's a princess.  

Such a fun weekend!  She was WORN OUT on the ride home!

About an hour after getting home I found her like this in the playroom.  Poor baby had a fever and didn't feel well.  :(

I think she just caught a little virus, nothing that staying home with Daddy on Monday and then with Mommy on Tuesday couldn't fix.

We love girls weekends!

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Stephanie said...

Her little hands on her cup when you all are “cheering” is so cute! Chloe got a gift certificate to a paint your own pottery place but we have yet to use it. Honestly I keep forgetting about it, but we need to plan a day and go. I love that she did a piggy bank and can use it in her room as well as have it out on display!