Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Park Fun

There is a park in our neighborhood that Hannah just LOVES to visit so every now and then after work (and if she's gotten a good report from her teacher that day) we stop by for a little while to play.  

She's such a big girl there now and can run all over the place and do almost everything on her own!

No fear.

Check out that static!

Haha!  Definitely more hair than last year!

Exploring the woods through her binoculars

Playing me a little music

They didn't have play grounds like this when I was little!

Aaaaand then she discovered the volley ball court.  The sand covered volley ball court.  So after about five minutes of her throwing sand around we headed home. 

You can see how excited she was about my decision.

Mommy, I gotta play in the sand!

This is why we don't stop at the playground everyday.  ;) 

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