Friday, August 22, 2014

Party of Four!

2015 is going to be a big year for the Townsend family!  Baby T #2 is set to make his/her arrival in mid-February!  We could not be more excited about this news as you can imagine!!  We have now entered the second trimester so I figured it's safe to "officially" tell the news.  

Here is Baby T #2 at 12 weeks.  You can see the leg, foot and toes so clearly here.  

This little munchkin is a MOVER!!  I just know as soon as I start feeling it moving around it's going to just be insane.  It has been so much fun watching him/her wiggling around every week.  We just laugh while watching about how active it already is.  Feeling Hannah moving around was my favorite part of being pregnant so hopefully it will be the same with this one since apparently, it's a big fan of dancing.  

We found out the Saturday before Father's Day so it was perfect timing!  I wasn't scheduled to get my blood work done until the following Wednesday but I just couldn't wait any longer so that morning I took a pregnancy test and then handed it to Hannah who ran it out to Austin yelling Happy Father's Day Daddy!  We were all so excited!  That afternoon we went to my parents house to hang out with the family for Father's Day and shockingly I was able to wait about 3-4 hours to tell them after we were all done swimming.  I had bought a shirt for Hannah to wear so we put that on her and had her run out and tell everyone.  

Hannah is SO excited to be a big sister as you can tell!  She is even more excited about having a baby sister named Lila because that's all she talks about.  I ask her all the time what if it's a baby brother and she finally started saying "Mommy, stop saying that, it's a baby sister".  We'll find out soon enough!  We have no idea where she got the name Lila from either....

We are just so excited for this little one to make their arrival!  He/she definitely made us work for it, that's for sure!  After FOUR rounds of IVF, trying a whole new approach and then finally switching doctors we couldn't be more thrilled about the newest addition to our family.  Updates to come soon!


Stephanie said...

I am over the moon for you guys and loved hearing about how you shared the news! Baby Lila (or Baby brother) is very lucky! :)

Anonymous said...

We are so happy happy about the news. Prayers answered!