Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Baby T#2 15 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 15 Weeks - Baby T#2s first weekly update!

Size of baby: Baby T is about the size of an apple

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not really sure.  Some days the scale says 1 lb and other days it says 3 lbs, it fluctuates by the day.  I'm going to assume 2-3 lbs.  I hadn't gained any weight yet at this point with Hannah.  The belly is definitely bigger!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but I can't fit in any of the pants I was wearing right before I got pregnant.   I'm only wearing all my bigger sized pants and probably not for too much longer.  

Gender: We should find out in 3-4 weeks!

Movement: He/she is moving all around in there as we've seen several times but I'm not feeling any of it just yet.  This kid is ACTIVE!

Sleep: I love sleep. :)  I pass out with absolutely no problem but I'm waking up at least once each night.  Now that I'm through the first trimester I'm getting a little more energy which is nice but I still feel exhausted by the second half of the day.  I actually just got a FitBit to track my sleep because I was so curious.  It's pretty interesting seeing the results and explains a lot.

What I miss: Real drinks.  Ha.  I quit drinking diet coke over a year ago so that craving isn't too bad but I miss getting iced tea with lunch.  I'm drinking zero caffeine so that means water all day long.  It's a good thing I love water.  But every few days I'll drink caffeine free iced tea at home just because I'm bored with water.  When I was pregnant with Hannah I craved chicken tenders and since those have gluten I can't eat them anymore but I'd still love to have some!  

Cravings: Sweets

Symptoms: I feel pretty good!  No more 1st trimester fierce exhaustion (it was FIERCE!!) or nausea (I only that for about a month mildly).  I can't feel the baby moving yet so I kind of don't really feel pregnant right now except for the bigger belly.  Oh, and the urge to eat constantly.  

Best Moment this week: There wasn't much going on this week so I can't think of a "best".  I'm excited to find out whether this little one is a boy or girl so I can start planning the room!  

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