Friday, September 26, 2014

It's A BOY!!!

Monday was a big day for us.  We got to spend almost an hour being entertained by our sweet 2nd baby.  I left the house SUPER early that morning for a meeting so I didn't see Austin get dressed and when we showed up at the appointment he was wearing blue and I was wearing pink.  Totally by accident!  In fact, I think it's the one pink work shirt I own.  We already had a pretty good idea that Baby T was a boy from our ultrasound last week but his cord was very close to the goods so since we weren't 100% sure so we kept it under wraps (mostly if you don't count the 10 people we told, haha) until Monday.  It was a long weekend!!

First of all, the best news is that he appears to be 100% healthy!  Everything looks just as it should and he's growing right on track!  He is smaller than his big sister was at this point (fine by me!!!), she was always measuring about a week ahead.  If I can avoid carrying around an 8lb 7oz baby at 5' tall I welcome it!  This little guy will be arriving two weeks earlier than his sister did so we're hoping that's the case anyways.  

Now, on to pictures of our sweet little BOY!  I'm keeping the picture of his "business" off the internet because he's a gentleman but let's just say we are 100% SURE that he's a boy!  No question about it!  

His perfect profile.  He looks like he has a cute little button nose just like Hannah. :)  His head seems to be a little smaller than hers as well.  She's never gone below 95% in the head department. ;)

His arm and on the left side is his hand making a fist.

His cute little foot and toes.  His feet are long!  Looks like I'm going to be the only small footed person in our family!  

Here's a picture of his leg (facing down).  The right side is his hip, the middle is his knee and the left side is his foot.  Click on the picture for closer descriptions.

Here he has his legs crossed.  I'm telling you, this guy is a MOVER!!  Like, constantly, especially with his hands.  Makes me a little nervous about how active he will be this time next year!

Ok, this is an interesting picture.  He was head down the first half of the ultrasound (so he was facing my back) so the technician told me to go to the bathroom and we'll see if he moves around.  Yeah...he did.  He's so funny!  He completely folded himself in half!  We were all laughing and the tech said she doesn't know why he's laying like that because it definitely doesn't look comfortable and he has plenty of room!  I think he was just showing off. ;)   I've written what you're looking at in the picture but basically the front of his knees are touching his nose and his feet are at the top of his head.  

He's smiling at us here. :)  I imagine he's thinking "I bet you can't do this, can you??"  And he's right, we can't.  Haha.  But look at that tiny little button nose!  LOVE.

It was such a great morning!  What we know right now is that he's very healthy, he's measuring one day ahead of his due date for size so perfectly on track and he's super active!  I think he's going to be a little ham just like big sister!

I'll show pictures of the reveal to Hannah next.  She's very excited about meeting her little brother!  


Anonymous said...

We are so excited about our new baby BOY!

Stephanie said...

This is wonderful!! What an exciting day!