Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dallas Fun

Friday afternoon Austin and I headed to Dallas for the weekend.  B was such a good dog on the way there!

Sleepy head

I was in town for one of my old roomies Kasey's baby shower.  She's due with Jack Ryder at the end of August. 
Jackie, Lindsey, Megan, Kasey, me and Katie.

Saturday night we all headed to Meg & Wade's house to hang out.  Beth came and brought Avery and Payden.  They're so cute  :)

Avery with Wade's Baylor helmet

Me & Avery
Love her!

Mrs. Arent and Payden.  She couldn't get enough of the little cutie

Meg & Wade dancing

Here I am in the "captain's chair" according to Wade.  Since I was sitting in that specific chair Wade gave me the Captain's hat to wear.

Bryan wearing Avery's bow.  Nice look for you Bryan!

For anyone who has seen The Hangover, here are the 3 best friends with their little Pedro.  Ha!

Me, Jackie and Lindsey

Our crew.  We had lots of fun  :)
Austin wasn't here that night, he was visiting with one of his friends WAY far on the other side of DFW.  We missed you Austin!

Beth & me

We had a great weekend and it was so good seeing everyone.  Love you guys!

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