Monday, June 21, 2010

Say Cheese!

A few weeks ago we had family pictures taken and other than it being totally H-O-T we had a good time!

The whole fam

The photographer told me to pose my hand like this and asked me if it felt awkward.  I said yes.  Now I see that it looked awkward too.  Ha!

Austin & I in our "natural pose"  ;)


Just hanging out on a brown furry pillow in the park like normal people!  ;)

Leah, what's wrong?  You don't like kisses??

Happy family!  I love this picture of Leah

Leah & Mommy

Leah loves her Daddy!

Ryan with his mini-me

This is what it takes to get a baby to smile on cue!

Leah and all her faces

Pretty girl

Ok, this is just funny to me.  The photographer had Tracy and I pose like this and I said "Hey, we did this same pose for pictures 15 years ago"  Well, here's the 2010 picture and the 1995 picture!  Funny stuff, we look way different now.  It's weird to think I'm twice as old now as I was in the 1st picture.  


Veronika said...

I am stopping by from Kelly's Korner... a little late catching up on the proposal stories! I enjoyed your story! I got engaged down town San Antonio TX also... on a carriage ride! Then afterwards we took pictures in front of The Alamo too :)
Anyway, I am a fan of your blog & love your blog background so decided to start following!


Steve-n-Angela said...

The pictures are great!!! Leah does look just like her Daddy.

Chani said...

Those are great, Kelly! Your niece is beautiful... :) And that last picture of you and your sister is greatness! How funny!

mjellis said...

Those are so cute and fun!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful sister you have!!!

etphonehome21 said...

This is my favorite post of yours - well besides Neil Diamond. Love the kiss pic of you and Austin, the photo of the family getting Leah to smile and best of all the retrospective pic. :)