Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today at Kelly's Korner is about proposal stories.  

I love our proposal story, it makes me laugh!  :)  It was March 2006 and Austin and I decided to take an overnight trip to San Antonio because we wanted to get out of town after all the Houston Rodeo Cook-off hoopla.  I knew at the time that he had gone to a jeweler a while back but knew it would be a while before we'd get engaged because it takes some time to make a ring.  

Here is Austin picking out the ring with his Mom and the jeweler.  Look how cute he is, he wore a suit!  He said he was spending so much money he felt he needed to be dressed up.  Ha!  

Well, unknown to me, Austin got the ring much earlier than planned and it came in a few days before our trip so he got to work planning.  He had my sister and her coworkers helping him try to think of creative ideas of what to do but since it was just a few days before our trip nothing worked out in time.  So, we left Saturday morning for San Antonio and spent the day going to the wax museum, having lunch and just walking around on the River Walk having a good time.  I knew we had dinner reservations and Austin mentioned  he wanted to go to the Alamo before because it's so pretty at night.  I have to admit that I wasn't too excited about going to the Alamo so I might have whined a little bit.  ;)  When we were about to leave the hotel I wondered for a second if he would propose but he didn't have a jacket on so I dismissed it thinking that he didn't have room to hide a ring box.

After we walked to the Alamo Austin started being really weird and circling this statue thing with a bunch of names on it.  I asked what it was and he just started reading the description right off the statue (it was pretty funny and now I know he was just nervous).  Then he got on one knee and proposed!  I started crying and of course said yes.  I was shocked!

So, we're all excited and no one is around to take our picture!  Then two guys ended up walking by and we get our picture and I tell them what happened and they inform us that the statue is apparently haunted and the names on it are all the men who died at the Alamo.  Nice.  

We called our families and friends on the way to dinner and everyone was so excited for us.  
Here we are at dinner.  The waiter decorated our plate for us.  :)  He knew we got engaged because I told EVERYONE we saw that night!  Seriously, EVERYONE!

I think he did a pretty good job with the ring!  The picture isn't the greatest quality but it's BEAUTIFUL in person.  I think so at least.  :)  I love that he did it all on his own, I was totally surprised!  My fingers look really weird in this picture for some reason.

The end of the night with the typical "engagement pose"

Yes, the Alamo is a TOTALLY random place to get engaged but I love the story and we'll always think of the Alamo with special meaning!  Oh, and ironically it was "Remember the Alamo Day".  :)

Four years later here we are!


Ivy said...

What a fun story! I dont have a fancy engagement story...Troy proposed at one of our favorite restaurants...but it was perfect to me!! Hope you are doing good:)

Resisting Perfection said...

That is so unique! "Remember the alamo story" too funny. I was the same way, telling everyone in sight I had just got engaged, like they really cared, lol.

A Wedding Story said...

What a great story!!! I love that he got dressed up to go buy a ring!

Patra @ I Do Declare said...

I love that your husband dressed up to buy your ring! And I love your ring - very pretty!

Marla said...

Great story. :)

Marla @

BlessedMama said...

How sweet! I love the alamo that is a perfect story!

Stephanie said...

That's a cute story - I love the dessert you guys had at the end of the night. And gorgeous ring by the way!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner....your engagement story is too cute! :) Our rings are almost the very same except mine have two small pink sapphires flanking the center diamond!!

Sharon said...

I got to your blog from Kelly's Korner and instantly recognized your husband. This is such a small world but Austin and my husband, Joe, were in Squadron 13 together at A&M!! I love your story and your ring. Tell Austin hi from the Tidwells!!

The Townsend's said...

That is too funny Sharon! I swear, Austin knows people EVERYWHERE!!! We always laugh about it. He just told me that I've met you guys at a football game before so nice hearing from you! :) Ha!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Gorgeous ring! So pretty! I love the picture of him picking it out.

And very sweet story.


The Durham Family said...

I'm a Texas gal, too. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I once had a Griffon named Bruiser! They are the neatest dogs!!!!

nancygrayce said...

What a sweet story.......I do love that he got dressed up to go buy the ring!

Shoshanah said...

What a cute story! I guess you really have something special to remember about the Alamo now!