Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Friday Austin and I headed out for our 1st stop for Memorial Day weekend.  We started off in Georgetown and then woke up on Saturday and headed to Barksdale, TX.  WEST Texas!  Far FAR away from H-town!  After 3 days and 14 hours in the car we are back home but we had a great weekend with the Townsend and Chamber families.  

Austin and I making a pit stop in Hondo and pointing to our beginning & end destinations.  If you're going on a long road trip, I'd advise you to not look at a map.  It will just make you realize just how far you have to go!  

Hey, if anyone is looking for God's House, apparently it's in Uvalde, TX.  And Caroline Jones, Realtor, is selling it to the highest bidder.  I just thought it was a funny sign as we were passing through the little town.  It was right before the "Guns & Liquor" store.  I mean, if that's not the best combination for a store, then what is?!  ;)

Right before passing up Anna Nicole Smith's hubby J. Howard Marshall's ranch, we saw some giraffe and kangaroos which I just thought was totally random!  The Marshall Ranch is just a few minutes down from the Chamber's ranch, where we were spending the weekend, I meant to get a picture of it but I forgot.  Oops.

Finally there!  The Chambers ranch

Such a beautiful house

Not too bad of a view either from the back of the house!

Looking over the cliff from the house

Cindy caught the 1st fish!  Not the biggest guy but she caught more as the weekend went on.  :)

Meet Anna Belle!  She's a wild white tail deer but she comes up to a few of the houses for food.  We were feeding her chips straight from our hands and then she got thirsty and went down to the river.  It was so cool!  She just comes up, gets her snack and then runs back out in the wild with all her little friends.  They stand at a distance and just look at her like she's crazy.

Sunday morning we went on a hike up the hill.  It was a long hike but the view was so pretty once we got to the top.

Anyone know what kind of frog this is??  He wanted to say hi during our hike.

The view of the Chamber's ranch from the top of the hill

The Townsend's with the house waaaay down behind us

I didn't notice this until right now but it's funny that they all are standing the exact same way looking over the edge of the cliff.   Duke and Phantom joined us on the entire hike, I promise you that Brody would NOT have made that hike!

Austin & I hanging out on the edge.  Yikes!

This is what it looked like going back down from our hike.  Not the easiest thing to do...

Mark & Prissy hanging out in the river

That boat that you just saw them in is now covered with all this yucky stuff that they cleaned out of the river!  They were busy!

Our swimming hole.  It was so nice and relaxing

Jackie recovering the chair that he basically just threw in the river on accident.  Oops!  It was pretty funny.  :)

Phantom hanging out in the wild flowers

Pretty view by the swimming/fishing hole

Rachel standing behind the HUGE ant bed!

Beautiful sunset from the house

Rach and I hanging out ready to start playing games.  We take games seriously!  ;)

Jackie & Mark hanging out

Not too shabby for our transportation on the ranch!  This Kubota had air conditioning, CD player & windows.  Rach and I had some fun in this thing  :)

Austin took off for a few hours Sunday night to hunt.  He was pretty pumped with the results as you can see here.  I told him that our cooler will never be used again until he soaks it in straight bleach and water!  Ick!

Thank you so much Jackie & Prissy for a great weekend!  We had a blast and now Austin has a trophy to prove it!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


Stephanie said...

Looks like it was a fun trip, and those views are gorgeous!

etphonehome21 said...

What a gorgeous ranch! Love that pic of all of them standing the same way. What in the world did Austin shoot?