Friday, May 21, 2010

Wisconsin Trip

Last Friday my parents, Tracy, Leah and I headed up to Wisconsin for our cousin, Rebecca's graduation from The University of Wisconsin - Madison.  It was so much fun and so good to see the family!
Most of my pics are of Leah since she and Tracy were my roomies and car mates for the weekend.  And she's just cute!  :)

Leah enjoying her 1st time in the Continental Club at the airport!  Pops hooked us up!

What are you doing crazy girl?!

Sleeping baby = peaceful plane ride  :)  Leah was SO good on both plane rides!

Pretty girl ready to land in Wisconsin!

I got my wings!!

Aunt Vicky got Leah her 1st cell phone and she L-O-V-E-D it!!

Making late night phone calls!  Leah thought that Wisconsin meant "late night party time!"  The girl was keeping Tracy and I up LATE wanting to just play and play!

Entertaining at the Hilton Garden Inn

Ok, this college campus is AMAZING!  It's so different than other campuses I've been to, it's right in the center of downtown Madison.  Here is the Terrace, the student union on campus.  

Check out all the beer steins!  I don't know about yall, but my college didn't serve beer at the student union.

The whole student union area was so Harry Potter-ish, it was really cool.  

There was so much detail everywhere you looked.  Each light was surrounded by paintings on the walls.

Even the pillars have "W" on them for Wisconsin.

This just cracked me up.  Leah needed a diaper change and of course on a college campus there aren't bathrooms with changing stations so she got changed right there on the grass next to this castle-like building.

When I saw this menu on the wall I got a good laugh!  I guess since we live in Texas I forget that not everyone knows what a Taqueria is.  Apparently in Wisconsin, they needed an explanation!  This sign was hanging in the union.

There are these HUGE chairs all around the Terrace and people were standing in lines to take their picture on a chair.  I asked the gift shop guy what they are there for and his explanation was "I don't know, people are just obsessed with them for some reason".  Well, ok then.  So, Leah got her picture on the "chair that people are obsessed with"!

This is their view from campus!  Not too bad!

Uncle Tom and Leah hanging out in the Terrace

Only on a college campus will you see a guy climbing the sail post when the only place to fall is on the sail boat or on the pier.  Super smart guy right there...

Mom and Aunt Janet hanging out in the hotel lobby

Me, Emily and Allison

Autrey brothers

Our cousin Allison, me, Tracy and sleepy Leah at Samba.

The Autrey cousins

Aunt Vicky, Leah, Uncle Tom & Rebecca

Me & Tracy, this picture makes me laugh because she kind of looks like just a head since it's so dark in the room and she's wearing a black turtle neck.  Ha!

Rebecca's yummy graduation cake

You can't go to Wisconsin and not see a bunch of weirdly shaped cheese!

Leah calling her Daddy on the way home from Wisconsin!

We had a great time and were so happy to be able to go and see everyone!  Congrats Rebecca!!!

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