Friday, November 12, 2010

Showering Julie & Baby Caroline

My friend Julie is expecting her 2nd baby (but 1st GIRL!) in the next few weeks so a group of us girls hosted a shower for her on Sunday.  

This was so funny.  Katie made a dip that needed to firm so she put the dip on the plate and then stuck it in the fridge for several hours with the bowl on top to mold it.  Yeah, didn't work out so well.  Thankfully I had lots of napkins in my console so she could catch the liquid coming out from under the bowl.  Ha!  Needless to say, the dip got transfered to a bowl once we got to Amanda's house.

The yummy food spread

The cutest little Aggie dress for Caroline

Cute little bloomers!  Julie has a little boy and doesn't know too much about girls and kept calling them underwear covers.  Ha!

Caroline should arrive right before Christmas so she got some cute little holiday outfits

You can't be in this group and not get tons of little Aggie clothes!  Teeny tiny little booties and hat

This is the cutest bib!  I want to learn how to make some.  :) 

Loved this dress!

We were all impressed with this cute wrapping.  You can't really see it but there was pink ribbon in there too. Guess what was in this fancy wrapping...diapers and wipes!  I said that's the fanciest display for diapers and wipes I've ever seen!

The hostesses and the guest of honor
Jodi, Mallory, Amanda, Julie, me, Tiffani & Katie 

We can't wait until Caroline Faith arrives!  She's got plenty of pink to wear now.  :)

I'm all caught up now!  This week has been a crazy one but I'll share about that a little later on.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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michelle ellis said...

I love all that cutie Aggie stuff! The dress you wore is beautiful!