Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Friday night we went to a costume party at Mike & Amanda's house.  
Can you guess who Austin and I are??  

Oh, just Lindsey Lohan and her ex-girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson!  Austin kept sending me pictures that he Googled all week of the two of them together.  I guess he thought Samantha glared at everyone...

I always say if you're going to dress up you need to COMMIT to your character!  That being said...notice Austin's skinny jeans.  AND eyeliner! (I'm not sure what's funnier.  Austin wearing eyeliner or the challenge it was to get him to quit blinking his eyes when I was applying it!)   Ha!  I also wore an "alcohol monitoring bracelet" that we made around my ankle.  LiLo has problems, what can I say?

Amanda always decorates so cute!  Some drunken pumpkin punch for those who weren't wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet.  ;)

Oh Goertz....  That's all I can say about his outfit.  On another note, when the guys saw Austin dressed as Sam Ronson they Googled her and realized that apparently she is quite the smoker.  So, Austin went with my "committing to your character" and had a unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth for the rest of the night.  Nice and classy.  That's how we role.  ;)

Yummy food!

This made me laugh

Kenny & Dolly even showed up!

Big Dan actually walked around in this for most of the night! 

Cliff as an Australian on an ostrich 

Barbie & Ken from Toy Story 3

Some of the girls

The boys kept requesting the girlfriends kiss for some reason....

Snooki & Pauly D (our hosts for the evening)

Nice faces boys 

Snooki getting her some punch 

The resident DJs, Sam Ronson and Pauly D 

Zombies Katie & Lunchbox

Li Lo (with my hair falling off!  Ha!) & Zombie girl

Diego & Dora

Pauly D has some pretty sweet hair! 

Awesome decorations everywhere

I'd say these are four people who committed to their characters.  Zombies don't smile!  Ha!  ;)  

Dede & Toasty as Pirates

Snooki in her fuzzy slippers!

Katie & Lunchbox CRACK.  ME.  UP.  Katie taught Box the Thriller dance this week.  I think he did a pretty good job!

Such a good job that he wanted to keep the dance up with Big Dan

LiLo & her girlfriend Sam

Shasta looks SO tan next to the zombies!

 Snooki & Pauly D getting their dance on

Sweet tat you got there buddy

Me & Dede.  I got rid of the wig by that point.

It was a great night!  Can't wait until next year!


michelle ellis said...

Hoe fun! You guys look great!

Stephanie said...

Those were some great costumes! It cracks me up how many people dressed up as Snooki! Love the dance too - looks like a great group of friends!

Steve-n-Angela said...

Video is hilarious!! All costumes were great!

Ivy said...

Yall's costumes were hilarious!!!

etphonehome21 said...

SO. MUCH. FUN. I want to be y'alls friends. Loved your commitment to the costume. :) Loved your friends kitchen. LOVED the Thriller dance!!!