Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cotton Bowl 2011

This past Friday Austin and I took the day off work and headed up to Arlington for the Cotton Bowl!  A&M was playing LSU and Austin's boss got a suite and invited us to come along

Before the game was tailgating at its finest  :)  This guy was driving around all the trailers and drew in quite a crowd

Until he met up with crazy LSU guy...

Talk about school pride!

This was our hangout.  Not to bad  :)

Hubby and I 

Cowboys Stadium

Getting ready for game time!  Sitting in leather recliners isn't a bad way to watch a football game  :)

National Anthem

Reveille hanging out.  The TV at the stadium is apparently the biggest in the world and I believe it!  It is HUGE!!  Crystal clear picture 

Fightin' Texas Aggie Band at halftime.  Right about the time the game took a turn...and not in our favor. 

Melissa & I hanging out 

According to Austin we've packed more people into Kyle Field in College Station but that's still a ton of crazy fans!

It was a great time even though the Aggies didn't win!  

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