Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Traveling Weekend

This weekend when we headed up to Arlington for the Cotton Bowl we stayed with Elizabeth, David, Gracie & Libby.  We stayed there until Saturday afternoon when we headed to Waco to visit Austins Moms side of the family for our Christmas celebration.

Thursday night before we left I caught a picture of B relaxing on his Daddy.  Sleepy little guy.  It must be really rough being him and getting to roam the house all day and take naps while we're at work.

Sweet happy little Libby girl.  She looks just like her Daddy!

Gracie showing David her sweet soccer skills.  Gracie was super excited that we came to visit her.  She said it was the best surprise ever having us come to her house.  :)

I'm guessing she's thinking "what you looking at?" here.  Little cutie

Pretty Gracie and Austin hanging out

Gracie & her buddy Austin checking out the water fountains

The girls.  This was about 2 minutes before Austin busted it on the grass!  He just lost his footing I guess and we were walking behind him and watched the whole thing like it was in slow motion and I don't think any of us remember the last time we laughed so hard.  Obviously, he wasn't hurt but oh my gosh, it was so funny.  It makes me laugh right now thinking of the cars driving by as that happened who witnessed the whole thing.

After all that excitement we headed to Waco to see the Horton side of the fam!  
Cindy and little Miles love each other  :)  He's SO cute and sweet

Me, Rach & Cindy with our pretty bows.

The Townsends

It was such a fun weekend!  Thanks again David & Elizabeth and then Jason & Melissa for having us, we had a blast!  

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etphonehome21 said...

I'm am DYING laughing just thinking about that fall!!! We had so much fun with y'all I just wish you could have stayed longer. Love that pick of Gracie and Austin!!!