Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby T#2 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (less than a month to go now!!)

Size of baby: Baby Graham weighs about 5 lbs and is over 18 inches (according to Baby Center).  I call BS on that for sure!  He is way more than 5 lbs I'm pretty certain!!  We have our last big ultrasound on Tuesday so we'll get an idea then.  With Hannah she was estimated around 7lbs at 36 weeks and I'd bet money they say the same for little brother.  

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs.  

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes now

Gender: It's a BOY!!!  

Movement: Graham is still a mover, big time!  He's definitely running out of room and staying in the same position (head down on the left and bottom up on the right) but that doesn't stop him from trying to move as much as he can.  He moves his arms A LOT!  It feels crazy.  He also still enjoys kicking my hip bone.  Sorry buddy, I can't move that for you!

Sleep: Sleep is so-so.  Some nights I only wake up once to go to the bathroom and I fall right back asleep and other nights I wake up several times and can't fall asleep for a few hours.  So basically, it could be better but it was the same way with Hannah.  I remember I got better sleep having a newborn than I did at the end of my pregnancy with her!  

What I miss: Sleeping well.  Not being in pain.  

Cravings: I think I can officially say Starbucks hot chocolate is a craving now.  I don't have to have it every day or even several times a week but when I think about it, I NEED it!  Ha!  It's just so good!  

Symptoms: Heartburn is still a constant but now that I'm taking Zantac about twice a week it's so much better.  I still take Tums daily as well.  BH contractions are just out of control, I have them at least a few times in every hour of every day, all day.  My OB said on Monday that she wanted to put me on medicine to stop the contractions but since those would elevate my heart rate she can't so I just deal with them.  Some hurt and some are just uncomfortable.  Sometimes I have a hard time breathing through them because my stomach is just SO tight!  She said that Graham isn't bothered one bit by them so I'm OK with having them so often.  I'm supposed to go to L&D if I have six in an hour but I don't count them so I just pretend that rule doesn't exist.  ;)  If I thought I was in actual labor that would be a different story.  I think the biggest symptom lately has been the ligament pain.  OMG, it is INTENSE!!!  I did NOT have it nearly as bad with Hannah but Graham is apparently bigger/stronger and likes to stretch my ligaments to the max!  The pain has woken me up several times and sometimes it lasts for a few hours.  It hurts pretty bad and I can't walk when I have it so I just try to lay down and take some Tylenol and deal with it and hope I get a break for a few days from the pain.  

Best Moment this week: Getting a good report from my OB on Monday!  Graham's heartbeat was 143 bpm and he's just hanging out happy in there.  I'm really excited for our ultrasound on Tuesday, I can't wait to see the little guy!  His bedding is done and after we hang some shelves this weekend we'll be done with his room!  I have my pajamas for the hospital, his coming home outfit and big sister/little brother outfits are in so it's countdown time now!  

I've also reached the point where people at work (most of whom I don't know) make unsolicited comments about my pregnancy to me as they walk by.  I've gotten the "you're STILL here?!  When is that baby coming out??" and "you look so much bigger than last time I saw you!".  Well....thanks.  Yes, the belly does tend to grow when you're pregnant but thanks for pointing out my hugeness to me!  And yes, clearly since you are talking to me I am STILL here!  But not much longer!  My Dr and I have reached an agreement about my stop work date, I'm trying to stretch it out as long as I can but she's not buying what I'm selling so my days of working are numbered.

Hannah came into the bathroom this morning with a tiara on and handed me one to wear (as I was drying my hair).  I took it off to finish getting ready and when she came back she said "Mommy, why aren't you wearing your tiara?" so I put it back on.  When your sweet daughter asks you to wear a tiara with her, you do it. :)


Anonymous said...

We are so excited to meet Graham. You have no idea!!!

Sarah said...

oooo you must be due soon. Hope you're feeling well! Just hoped over to your blog. :)