Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 Weeks

I need to remember to wear darker shirts against the door so you can see the bump easier.  Next week!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby T is about the size of a lemon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: No weight gain so far.  I had my 14 week appointment (and 1st appt with the OB) yesterday and apparently I'm behind in this area.  She said something that I've never been told before and most likely will never be told again.  She said "You need to eat more.  Gain weight.  You need about 4-5 lbs right about now."  Well...if you INSIST!  ;)  I feel like I'm eating all. the. time. so I don't really know what else to do but I can assure you, the weight will be there in the long run.  No worries.  Baby T is the right size and gaining weight right on track so everything is going great.
Maternity Clothes: None yet but I am rocking the Bella Band with my jeans because I can't button them anymore. My work pants are getting tighter too but I can still button them.  I ordered a few basic things last week online and got them in this week so that was exciting.
Gender: Won't know for a few more weeks.  Lil One was snoozing away at our appointment yesterday so we didn't get a good shot.  :(  One thing I know so far is that he/she loves sleeping!  Just like it's Mama!
Movement: He/she is moving all around in there as we've seen a few times but I'm not feeling any of it just yet.
Sleep: Right now sleep and I have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE it and it HATES me!  :(  I feel like my body is fighting it for some reason.  I fall asleep really easily and sleep pretty good until something wakes me up (usually Austin) and then I can't fall back asleep.  Yesterday morning Austin's alarm went off at 5am and I never went back to sleep even though I still had an hour and 1/2 to sleep and then last night I was so exhausted from that I was asleep really early and Austin fell asleep on the couch and he woke up and came to bed at 1:30 which woke me up and I didn't go back to sleep until around 4am.  Poor Austin is just going to have to tip toe around our room while I'm sleeping and really try to not fall asleep on the couch!
What I miss: Right now I'm really missing caffeine because I'm pretty tired.  That's about it!
Cravings: Sweets
Symptoms: I started having daily afternoon/evening headaches but it's nothing too bad.  I feel pretty good!
Best Moment this week: Getting to see Baby T again!  He/she is getting so big!!  Even though it was enjoying a little siesta it moved it's arm around and Austin said "It's arm is SO long!"  He said we're going to have a basketball player.  I let him know that it's little arm isn't that long, it's legs just aren't as long as it's arms yet so it looks really long. 
Most embarrassing/funny moment this week:  So, I added this category for this week because I made myself look like an idiot at the dr office yesterday.  The Dr walked in and introduced herself and said "How's your baby?" and my immediate response was "I don't have a baby".  Crickets chirping....  She looked at me like I was a one eyed creature then looked down at my chart in confusion probably wondering why I was there and then a light went off in my head "Oh!  THAT baby!  Yes, I'm having a baby, I thought you were asking me about a baby I already have!"  Nice first impression Kelly.  Good going.  I really thought she had me confused with someone who just had a baby!  I guess it was just the way she asked it that confused me.  In my defense, when we were walking out Austin said that she confused him too with the question.  I promise I'm a smart person.  Usually....   

Here he/she is!  Getting so big in there!


Stephanie said...

Ha, way to break the ice. Glad things are moving along well!

Chani said...

Oh, Kelly!!! You're too cute! I love the little belly on your little lemon! :) So sweet!! You're going to be the best Mommy!