Monday, October 22, 2012

14 Months Old!

I'm really behind on blogging, this post has been written since the 11th and the pictures were taken that weekend.  I'm just now getting around to putting it together.  Sorry, been a little busy lately!

Hannah Lee you are 14 months old now!   You are such a big girl and we barely see any more baby left in you.  You are a very busy girl and rarely stop except to sleep.  You talk NON STOP and your little voice is so cute and sweet.  You just babble away all day, sometimes saying real words and sometimes just talking away in your own language. 

You love to EAT!!!  You get so excited when we say eat and you just sign eat and walk over to your chair.  You also sign milk and you know exactly what that is and get very upset if you see your cup of milk and don't get it quickly.

You still sleep great at night.  We put you in bed around 7pm and you play in your bed usually around 10-15 minutes and then you're out until around 6am.  On the weekends you sleep longer.  You've been doing great napping at school too, usually sleeping 2-2.5 hours (3 hours on the weekends lately).  Every now and then I go check on you when you're napping at school and you look so cute curled up on your tiny little cot. 

You are obsessed with pictures, seriously obsessed.  You want to look at them constantly and like to tell us everyone in the pics.  Usually you just say Mama a lot and point.  And baby.  You loooove to say baby.  You also LOVE to look at pictures of yourself on my iPhone or iPad.  You think it's so much fun.  You think it's even more fun to watch videos of yourself on them.  It's so cute.  You've already figured out that you can just swipe your finger across the screen to unlock it and to move to the next picture so you do that often. 

You still love you some shoes!  You now call them "doose" instead of "tank toos" so we're getting somewhere.  :)  You really like to put different shoes on and think it's so fun to walk around like that.  We rarely get anywhere in the car without you taking your shoes and socks off.  It keeps you busy in the car so we just go with it.  You also take off one shoe and sock at school about 10 times a day and apparently, you have taught your friends how to do the same.  I've already said sorry to your teachers for that one... Haha. 

You are SO smart Hannah!  You are already showing an interest in going potty and you tell us every time you poo poo.  You just walk up to one of us or your teachers and say "poo poo" and touch your bottom so we know.  Your teachers say we can start to potty train you now that you are showing interest but I think we're going to hold off a little while on that.  You've never told us you've gone tee tee so instead of changing your clothes 25 times a day, we'll just wait until you're a few months older.  

You've gotten your 10th, 11th, and 12th teeth in!  Your 2nd bottom molar and two of your top molars.  You are such a trooper!  Your first molar hurt coming through but these three don't seem to bother you at all.  You can really see your bottom molars when you smile.

You love making animal sounds.  Any time we see a picture of an animal in your books or tv you say the sounds.  So far you know cow (moo), horse (neh), sheep (baa), dog (woof), and cat (meow).  So far the only color you know is yellow and you love to say that often.  You can recognize it in pictures and on flowers.  You also now say "yite" (and point to the light), apple and "snack".  You're so smart.  :)  You're really into saying "happy" now too.  Repeatedly.  It's so cute!  

We love you so much Hannah Lee!!  You are just the sweetest, happiest, funniest, cutest little girl we've ever seen!

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Stephanie said...

I feel like I say this every month when you post, that I can't get over something she's up to...but I can't get over all her teeth!! I can totally see them in her pictures. Poor Chloe still only has two. :( I just hope they don't all decide to come in at once, we will not have a happy baby on our hands. I can just picture Hannah's sweet voice; isn't it fun to hear them babbling more and actually eeking out real words?