Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I'm waaaaay behind on blogging, life has just been crazy busy and super overwhelming lately but I'm going to go ahead and post about Halloween and then go backwards from there when I get some time (so in other words, don't hold your breathe for my next post.  ha!)     

Halloween started with Miss Hannah having her first trick or treating at school and getting all kinds of yummy goodies!  That afternoon her class had a Halloween party so I came to visit and help out.

Our little monkey was so happy to see her Mommy!  And even more excited to look at herself in my phone camera.  The monkey costume was a no-brainer this year, I actually ordered it a few months ago.  With Miss Thang being a daily climber we just figured she could be a "real" monkey for one day!

One of her favorite past times, making faces at herself. 

Silly monkey! 

All ready for the party to get started!  Licking her lips for her Halloween treats!

After we got home and she filled her little monkey belly full of dinner we headed over to the neighbors house to hang out with our other favorite little animals! 

Hannah, you can't just open people's doors.  That's not how we trick or treat... 

This picture cracks me up.  Hannah and Mallory are both checking each other out like "what you are dressed like THAT for?!"

Sweet little monkey 

Oh you know, just checking out other people's phones for pictures... 

Happy monkey! 

Checking everyone out 

A little lobster hanging out in her pot 

Hannah and Elizabeth were BFFs most of the night.  Hannah LOVED her witch hat! 

Hannah and her buddies.  Mallory the lobster, Jacob the lion and Ava Minnie Mouse.  Of course, a few days ago it was so cold at night but not on Halloween so these poor babies probably were a little toasty!  Sorry kiddos, you'll be able to do the same thing to your kids one day, I promise. 

The fam 

Our pumpkin! 

Hannah loved the pumpkin her Daddy and I carved, she really liked taking the top off it.  Repeatedly. 

What's in this thing?? 

Mommy and her little monkey.  Seriously Daddy, could you have gotten this picture ANY closer?!  Ha! 

Hannah checking out all the candy 

She wanted all the chocolate, just like Mommy.  Too bad she has NO idea what chocolate even is.  I guess that means I'll have to eat it...  Just kidding, we actually didn't bring a single piece of candy home! 

Hannah checking out the Gibson's decorations.  Nothing scares this girl! 

Taking Daddy trick or treating 

Pulling Daddy down the street... 

This way Daddy!  All the good candy is over there! 

It was a great Halloween and Hannah had SO much fun!  Can't wait again until next year!  Hopefully sometime before Thanksgiving I'll have posts up about our two pumpkin patch visits, the annual Halloween party and all the other things going on around here!  I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Stephanie said...

What a cute monkey she is! Looks like everyone had a great Halloween!

Steve-n-Angela said...

She was an adorable little monkey!

Chani said...

I love reading your posts! She looked SO CUTE in her monkey costume!

etphonehome21 said...

She is precious!!! Her faces are incredible.