Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Pumpkins

Ok, since it's two weeks past Halloween I figured I better get the last of the costume/pumpkin posts done!  

Hannah got to make TWO trips to the pumpkin patch this year!  She's such a lucky girl.  :)  The first one was just the three of us, we went to take some pics and get a few pumpkins.

Same pumpkin, one year earlier!

Such a big girl now! 

Silly Hannah 

She looks so little here!

Trying to eat a gourd.  Yum.

The best shot I could get of her sitting on the wagon.  She was very busy checking out the pumpkins

She thought sitting around in her monkey suit was sooo funny!

Cute little monkey

A bit confused why she was back in the same spot as earlier

A few weeks later we headed back to the pumpkin patch with Hannah's friend Emma!  Since Emma is the exact same age as Hannah was last year when we went she needed to show her the ropes.

Silly girl making faces


Our cute little sunflower

Emma and Hannah

Hannah checking her out

She thought she was funny

Little pumpkins!

The Townsend crew

Emma chillin' in the wagon

The cutest monkey and lady bug around!

They're both cuper comfy here, can't you tell??

That's it for our Halloween posts, Hannah loved dressing as a monkey every single time!

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