Wednesday, November 21, 2012

15 Months Old!

Oh sweet Hannah Lee you are 15 months old already!  You are so much less of a baby, I just can't believe it.  You have been growing so much this month and doing so many new things.  You have two new teeth (your 13th &14th!!) so you're getting close to a full set! 

You still LOVE shoes, every single day you take off your shoes, and usually your socks, in the car.  Once we arrive to our location I have to search the backseat for them, it's fun. ;)  But anything to keep you occupied in the car is fine with me! 

You say SO many words!  At your 15 month checkup the doctor was asking questions to make sure you are hitting all your milestones and she asked if you were saying three words.  You're saying about 20 words, at least!  You also repeat new words that we say every day.  Your pediatrician said you are doing VERY well for your age.  Mommy was so proud. :) 

You are such a little grown up, it's so cute.  Daddy taught you how to knock when a door is closed so sometimes when I get out of the shower in the mornings I'll hear a little tapping on the door and you saying "not not" so I will open the door.  I LOVE it!! 

You have really found your love of the iPhone this month too.  You've always been interested in it but now anytime I take your picture or take a video you walk over to me so I will show you.  You love to see videos and pictures of yourself, it's funny.  You also know how to slide your finger across the screen to see the next picture.  No one taught you that so I guess you just saw us doing it and taught yourself. 

You are a very healthy girl!  Your weight is 23lbs 12oz (66%), height is 31" (80%) and your head circumference is 18.9" (95%)!  You LOVE to eat so I'm not surprised by this one bit that you are so healthy and strong.  We have to keep lots of food in that belly of yours because we know you burn it all off!  You are VERY active for 99% of the day. 

You've started a new habit that we are not happy about.  You recently started grinding your teeth.  It hurts our ears!!  I've never heard someone grind their teeth like you do, it's terrible.  You apparently think it's fun because you're doing it ALL THE TIME now.  We're hoping this phase ends quickly!! 

You've also started making funny faces at us, usually at dinner time.  It makes me laugh so hard.  You will open your eyes really big and slowly lean your head towards me and stare and then just giggle so hard.  It's so cute!

Taking your 15 month picture was not easy.  You were way too excited to sit in a chair and pose for Mommy.   

Excited to take a picture with Mr. Lamb

Mommyyyyy!  You think I'm going to sit still for a picture?!  You're crazy! 

Seriously, I'm not going to sit still Mommy... 

This picture could not be more perfect for the silly girl that you are right now.  Running around with one shoe on (always) and opening your eyes HUGE and making faces at us.  It's so funny.   

Silly Hannah

Hannah Lee, we love you SOOOO much!  You are such a sweet girl and you make us laugh daily.  You are the best!

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