Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today was Hannah's Thanksgiving feast at school.  Daddy was out of town for work but Mommy was able to make it!

Silly girl loooooves sticking her tongue out at the camera! 


Give me some tuuuurkey!! 

Mama hot!  That's what Hannah kept saying to me before she dug into her lunch.  She does this often, hovers her hand over her food saying "hot!" repeatedly.   

Hannah and her friend Ashlen getting after their feast.  Hannah couldn't be bothered to look up at Mommy taking another picture.  See how much food was on that plate?  Yeah, it was all gone about 15 minutes later....including some extra food from my plate that I gave her.

When Hannah started her new school she was the youngest in the class and Ashlen was the oldest and about a week into it Ms. Shauna told me that Hannah follows Ashlen everywhere and does what Ashlen does.  I asked her today if she still follows Ashlen and she laughed and said "no, Hannah doesn't follow ANYONE!  If anything, all the kids are following her!".  Little Miss Independent.  :)


No ones plate was as clean as Hannah's by the end of the meal.... 

I can honestly say that I think next Thursday Hannah is going to be in a full on turkey coma!  She apparently LOVES Thanksgiving food and can't get enough of it!  I loved that I got to spend lunch with her enjoying it all!

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