Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Pops!

My Dad's 60th birthday was a few weeks ago and we couldn't let it pass without doing a little celebrating!  Tracy and I planned all week what we wanted to cook and we invited their best friends over for the evening.

Pops' birthday cake.  He loved making this face as a kid apparently because most of the pictures I had to choose from looked like this.  Ha!

Hannah looking cute eating her dinner when everyone arrived 

My parents and their BFFs (my Mom and Jan have been best friends since middle school!) 

Haley cracking me up.  Look at her little antennas!  And unsure stare... 

Girls, lets get a picture before bed!  That's how that went...  I have no idea where Leah was in all my pics but she was running around somewhere! 

Tracy imitating Pops' pretty good.  She is definitely his daughter! 

The birthday boy 

The dinner party minus Ryan and Austin.  Oops. 

Pops with his girls 

We had a great night!  It was so much fun celebrating your birthday Pops! 

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