Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Party 2012

The Friday before Halloween we went to our friend's Mike and Amanda's annual Halloween party.  It was a blast as usual!

Amanda is a master decorator and really pays attention to every detail!  Her house was transformed for the party.

This year we dressed up as "yard art"!  I was a pink flamingo and Austin was a garden gnome.  I even had feather eyelashes and pink hair.

Here are just a few of the costumes.  Many I just forgot to take pictures of and many are not appropriate for my family blog.  ;) 

Miss Piggy and Kermit.  Hey, you know what happens when you paint your body??  Everything you touch turns that color, FYI. 

Katie and me
Pink flamingo and the 2nd half of the "what up with that" skit from SNL.  Everytime Lunchbox sang "ooooohhh-weeee!  what up with that?!" Katie had to dance.  It was pretty funny.   

Neighbors who (without talking to each other) dressed up as two of the Kardashian sisters.  Khloe and Kim 

There's a gnome in the bar!

Vampire cupcakes are yummy 

TK and Austin
TK's costume was hilarious.  If you went to A&M you get it.  His old college days uniform didn't exactly fit him anymore but he pulled it off! 

It was a great party! 

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