Monday, April 13, 2015

Graham's Birth Story

February 15, 2015 will forever be one of the most favorite days of my life.  For months Graham's scheduled birth date was Monday, February 16th but a few weeks before he was born my Dr called the hospital to check my scheduled surgery time and they had me at 4pm!  That means no food, no water, nothing past midnight the night before.  Dr J and I both said, yeah, lets try for a different time.  She called the hospital and sweet talked the anesthesiologist and asked me how I felt about delivering on Sunday instead.  I said that sounds PERFECT!!  One weird and totally silly reason was because Hannah was born on 8/11/11 and now that Graham was going to be here on Sunday instead of Monday his bday would be 2/15/15.  I just liked how their date and year both matched.  Side note: my bday is 9/9/80 so maybe that's why I liked the idea. ;)  So anyways, we knew Graham would be arriving on Sunday so Saturday (Valentines Day) the three of us just spent the entire day together and just had lots of fun with Hannah before her world changed forever! 

Taking Hannah for a Valentines Day date for frozen yogurt.

I didn't sleep well Friday night so I was really hoping for a good nights sleep Saturday night since we had to be at the hospital at 7am on Sunday.  Yeah.....that did NOT happen.  I didn't get one minute of sleep!  I was up ALL NIGHT LONG.  Between just being in pain and I guess nerves I just couldn't sleep.  I eventually got up, got ready and a little while later my Dad arrived to stay with Hannah for a few hours before my friend Lindsey showed up to watch her.  It was so nice knowing Hannah was happy at home and playing with her buddy Rhett while we were at the hospital that day and our entire family could be there with us. 

Let me start by saying that Graham's birth day was everything I imagined it should be.  It was just the experience I always hoped for (minus the surgery part of course) and was completely opposite of Hannah's birth day, don't get me wrong, I loved the day Hannah was born but it was not a peaches and cream experience that's for sure.  With Hannah I went through labor then things went south and I ended up in the operating room.  It was hectic and extremely emotional and I missed so much that day just because of the circumstances.  With Graham's I knew what to expect, everything went exactly how it was planned, there were no surprises and I was present for it all, I didn't miss a thing which was very important to me.  Perfect.  Two perfect little babies with two very different entrances into this world.

Last belly pic before we left that morning!

Same exact picture that we took in front of Hannah's crib right before we left for the hospital when she was born 3.5 years ago.

Tracy showed up at the hospital right when we did bright and early to take pictures for us. :)

We were in pre-op for quite a while getting set up and waiting on all the Drs and nurses to arrive.  We found out that we were the first scheduled c-section on a Sunday to ever happen at the hospital.  Everyone was so shocked it was scheduled for that day.  That was a plus because we had the whole pre/post op area all to ourselves! 
Feeling my baby boy moving around for the last times!

Watching vitals

I'm ready to go!

I got wheeled into the OR where the anesthesiologist gave me my spinal and BAM, I couldn't feel my legs anymore.  Ha.  It's amazing how quickly you go numb!  They were touching me all over asking if I could feel this, etc and I was worried because I could still feel them touching me on my stomach.  Austin was brought in the room and they said it was go time and I was like, I could still feel you touching me just a minute ago!  They said oh honey, we just pinched you real good and you didn't flinch, you're good to go.  ;) 
I've said this to many people before, it doesn't matter if you've been numbed up or not, you can still feel stuff happening during a C-section.  Not like cutting, but pressure and movement.  It's INTENSE.  As we always knew, our boy wasn't going to be a petite little guy and he was STUCK!  Just like his big sister, he was too big for his Mommy.  They had quite the time getting him out and I thought that three people were pushing down on my upper belly at one point.  Turns out it was just one HUGE guy pushing down with all his strength to get Graham out.  I remember not being able to breathe when he was doing that because it was just SO MUCH pressure!  I felt some tugging and next thing you know we hear crying!  Graham was crying the instant his head hit the air.  His body was still in my belly but he was making his presence known!  He was probably mad because he was just vacuumed out of his nice warm and peaceful home.  Yep, just like his sister, he had to be vacuumed out because he was stuck in there.  Momma has some big babies! 
The tears started the second I heard those cries, it was amazing.  Austin got to watch him being born and was so excited.  They showed him to me and it was love at first site.  He was perfect!  All 8lbs 9oz and 21.5 inches of him!  Big boy but perfect in every way. 
Not too happy about his foot prints.

8lbs 9oz!

Seeing his Mommy for the first time.


Proud Daddy!

Our sweet big boy

He looks just like I did as a baby!  You can also see the bruise just below his chest in this picture.  I'm telling you, they had to use FORCE to get him out!  Poor little guy.

Austin and Graham left to go to the recovery room while they finished up with me.  I just laid there and chatted with everyone in the room as they did their jobs.  It's a funny thing just talking to people as they literally have their hands in your abdomen. ;)  But what else are you supposed to do?!  Haha.  I remember with Hannah I was SO sleepy in the OR.  Like, could barely stay awake but this time I wasn't tired at all, I think it was because I only had my spinal done and not the epidural as well. 
As soon as I was closed up and good to go they brought me to our recovery room where I could see our precious boy.  Immediately they handed him over to do skin to skin with me (something I didn't get to experience with Hannah) and he nursed right away like a champ! 
Our first picture of the three of us

Graham's spot

One of my favorite pictures of the day.  I was so happy to have that healthy boy finally here with us!  Check out those cheeks!

Mommy, Daddy and baby Graham

I love how Daddy is checking out his boy

First bath!

Maybe a bath isn't so great....

So big and pink!

My very favorite picture of the day.  I LOVE this picture of him!  Not even an hour old and just so peaceful and beautiful.

In recovery you can only have two people at a time there so Tracy traded spots with my Mom and then my Dad came to see Graham.
I may look a little less cheerful in this picture because this is when the shakes started.  Good Lord.  I had this last time too, anesthesia and I are not friends.  I got the shakes BAD!!  And itching.  My nose itches SO bad after a few hours!  You'll notice that in later picture as well, I look like Rudolph from rubbing my nose so much. ;)
Lainey holding her grandson for the first time!
Pops getting a look at his future fishing/hunting buddy!

Here we are getting wheeled away to our hospital room.

Aunt Tracy holding her sweet nephew!

Cute little squishy face

I don't think Austin could have been happier

Hi sweet boy!

Papa and CiCi went to pick up Hannah! 
Holding her baby brother for the first time

Getting to open the present he bought her for the hospital.  Baby brothers are always good if they give you presents.  ;)

CiCi, Lainey, Graham, Leah and Haley

Hanging out with his CiCi

Papa getting to hold his grandson.  I'm sure he will have this boy running around in no time with him!

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dean were there too!
Love him

First pic as a family of four!
Uncle Ryan giving Graham some lovin'


Sweet Leah checking Graham out

Haley giving kisses.  It was so funny, when they left the hospital she said "bye Graham" and kind of bopped him on the head with her hand as his goodbye.  She's a trip, that girl.  So funny, always.

I'll do another post on all the visitors we had at the hospital.  It was a revolving door of guests, there are so many people who love our sweet boy!
I'm so grateful for this day, it was amazing and he is the sweetest little boy we ever could have asked for.  God knew what he was doing when he made us wait so long for him.  We are SO in love with our little Graham. 


Anonymous said...

Been looking forward to this post!!! Wasn't disappointed💥👼

Stephanie said...

He seriously is such a beautiful baby and you look fantastic! One thing I regret is not taking before pictures either at home or once we got to the hospital. And isn't the moment when your kids meet for the first time something that takes your breath away? We are very blessed, Kelly. I am SO SO happy for you!!