Thursday, April 30, 2015

Graham's Newborn Pictures

I love all of Graham's newborn pictures!  He was so great during the entire FOUR hour session when he was eight days old and then again for two more hours later that week.  Our neighbor is our family photographer and she's just awesome.  It wasn't easy picking only 20 pictures to keep!
This right here was the most stressful part of the entire session, the big sister.  She was a typical 3 year old and was more interested in being silly than sitting still so we got this part over with in about five minutes. 
Checking out her little brother

She LOVES giving him kisses and does it any chance she can get.

I like this pictures because unintentionally, they are doing the same thing with their mouths.

Sweet boy


On Saturday Amy came to our house for the rest of the pics and we got the best light in the guest room so we took some pictures in there.

I agree with Hannah, I can't give him enough kisses.

He's such a pretty baby

I LOVE LOVE this picture!  It was by far the most difficult picture to get but we made it happen!
My heart

Family of four!

Here is a pic of Graham's birth announcement
I will love these pictures forever!
 Here are some behind the scenes pics I took with my phone during your photo sessions.
The princess getting ready for her close up.
You let Amy change you and move you around all while you slept as long as that little fan was facing you.  It was a miracle worker.

Taking a little cat nap in between set ups

You were the swaddle Houdini, you would be sound asleep and just pop and arm or leg out and keep on sleeping.

Sweet boy



Stephanie said...!!!! This makes me want another one stat! The pictures are fantastic and he is definitely one of the prettiest babies ever!

Lindsey Smith said...

Those are all so good!! He's just a doll! I'm going to have to get Amy's number for the future. She's wonderful!