Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hospital Visitors

We are so blessed with so many family and friends who love our kids!  We had a lot of visitors to come see our sweet Graham.  In our previous post is all our family who came to visit but we got pictures of almost all of our friends as well.
Beth was there just a few hours after Graham entered the world! 
Lindsey was so nice to watch Hannah on Sunday morning for us and she came by that afternoon to meet Graham.  I look awesome.  Ha.  I was HOT in that room after delivering and my nose was so red from rubbing it since I was itchy from the anesthesia.  Oh, and I had surgery a few hours earlier.  ;)
My Mom's best friend Jan comes to the hospital to see all of Tracy and my babies.  She's so sweet!

Squishy boy

Tara came to visit too!  Less than a year ago I was in the same place visiting her with baby Mason. :)

Lunchbox, Katie and Emma came to meet Graham!  John arrived exactly one month after this picture was taken. :)  He and Graham are best buddies, they just don't realize each other is there yet.

Mike and Amanda stopped by

CiCi came to visit every day and stayed home with Hannah while we were at the hospital

Pops and Lainey came by every day as well.

Lainey and Pops hung out with us while we waited to get discharged. 

We had more visitors but I guess we forgot to get their pictures.  Oops!  We are just so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who love our kids almost as much as we do!

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