Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Hospital Stay

 We had a great hospital stay with our little guy!  He mainly slept and ate.  The first night he didn't want to sleep too much but after that he was a sleepy boy.  We figured out pretty quickly that he likes to be held and sleeps best that way.  Monday morning we woke up to this sweet face!
Oh, this face is the cutest thing EVER!

Getting his daily weigh in.  He lost quite a bit of weight in the hospital just like his big sister.
Snuggles with Daddy

This is what we looked at most of the day.  A precious sleeping little boy.
Hannah was excited to come back on Monday to see her baby brother!  She spent a few hours every day with us at the hospital.

Graham, just in case you ever forget your name, here is a picture to remind you.  ;)

The hospital photographer came to take his picture.  He's laying on the same blanket I laid on as a newborn and Hannah did as well.
Our sweet kiddos in their matching outfits.  Get used to it, Mommy will do this to you as long as I can get away with it.  :)

Sisterly love, and boy does she love him!


Graham also got his hearing test on Monday, he passed with flying colors!

Listening to some tunes
I mean, seriously....

Love him

Family of four!

All this attention makes a boy sleepy!
On Tuesday morning we just hung out again.  Daddy looks a little sleepy with his boy.

We had Hannah go to school for a few hours every day just so she didn't get completely out of her routine.  Every afternoon when she came to visit she got to go down the hall to the play room for a little bit.  She was a happy girl.  :)  She's really into picking out her own clothes these days as you can see.  Too short pants, white socks and leopard shoes.  Trend setter. ;)

Our hospital door wreath that Beth made, we had the cutest door on the floor.

Cute boy checking out the outside world through the window

Talking with Mommy

We got lots of snuggle time!

I was in heaven

I took this picture that night.  I think Daddy was a little worn out.

This onesie made me laugh. It's so true, especially in his case!

Check out those long legs!   Just for a reference point, he's on Austin's lap here and he's 6'1".  It's amazing to me that baby was in my belly just two days earlier!
 On Wednesday we were ready to go home!

His face cracks me up here.

Just napping on one of his favorite spots.

We waited around ALL day for my Dr.  Seriously, all day.  Around 4pm we found out she was in surgery so we didn't get out of there until close to 6pm.  We were ready!  That random girl is the hospital volunteer who wheeled me out of the hospital. 

Happy to bring home our baby boy!  He wasn't so sure...

Proud Daddy

Mommy was ready to go!

I have this same picture with big sister.  Ready to get going!

I'm about to melt in the cool February weather because our sweet boy is holding his Mommy's hand. 

Hannah was so excited that her baby brother was finally home!!  We were pretty excited to see her too.  :)
The next day we took some pictures of our yard art.

You take what you can get with a three year old  :)

 Just to see the differences, Graham is on the left and I'm on the right.
We're related. :)

It was a great stay but even better once we got home.  We had great nurses and my recovery was SO much easier this time around!  Now we're ready to start our new normal as a family of four!

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