Monday, April 11, 2011

23 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 23 Weeks
Size of baby: Hannah is about the size of a large mango, around 11 inches long and more than a pound in weight. It's crazy to me to think that she's almost a foot long in there!
Total Weight Gain: 11 lbs
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and some regular/mostly maternity tops
Gender: GIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Oh yes, baby girl is on the move! She loves to kick me after I eat or when I'm just sitting/laying around.  Austin loves feeling/seeing it but usually when I tell him she's moving a lot and he comes over she stops. Of course. I think I might startle her with my voice probably by yelling across the room to him so she quits whatever she's doing in there for a few minutes. And then she starts up again as soon as he gives up and walks away. Ha! I tried just snapping at him last night to get his attention since it's not so loud and she still quits as soon as he came over to look.  Sneaky little baby girl!
Sleep: I love sleep. I've been sleeping much better now that my heart rate is under control. I already had to get the heart medicine increased because I was still having some problems but it seems better since then.
What I miss: Not much right now other than the freedom to drink whatever I want. I know water is always best for you but I'm getting a little sick of drinking it all the time.
Cravings: Sweets
Symptoms: Some ligament pain and I really feel like I'm being stretched this week. My stomach feels tight and just well, stretched. She must be having a growth spurt in there.
Best moment this week: Just watching her moving around! It makes me feel so much better when she's moving because I feel like she's ok in there. The thought of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes having their own sonogram machine doesn't sound that crazy to me these days! I wish I could check in on Hannah everyday. :)
We also got all of her furniture in this week and picked out her paint color for the room.  We're going to get started on everything over Easter weekend.


michelle ellis said...

So glad you are feeling good! I just LOVE her name! Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Everything's coming along! I feel the same way about how long the baby is...I keep measuring with my hands the size of a carrot (for me this week) and thinking that's about how wide I am! Try the remote trick. Put the remote on your belly and Austin can watch it move from across the room. Pretty cool! :)

Autumn said...

I love how your pup is in every pic each week! So cute! Congrats! So happy for you!